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Dangerbot’s Disaster Dash

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Help Dangerbot navigate mazes and solve puzzles to disable a dangerous device. No job is too dangerous for Dangerbot.

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  1. Mr. Hamstahman // July 22, 2011 at 10:28 am // Reply

    I got into Top Dangerbot Masters with a score of 110250!

  2. i hate the merit badge book puzzle

  3. i got to level 6. i found some of hidden stuff. if you look around youll find them.

  4. It’s too hard to navigate! Otherwise it’s really fun.

  5. High Score plus pwnage equals me

  6. 2550 beat THAT!

  7. soo fun!

  8. it’s kinda hard to steer at first, but deactivating the bombs is pretty easy

  9. i don’t know what this game is but i will try it.

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