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Dangerbot’s Disaster Dash

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Help Dangerbot navigate mazes and solve puzzles to disable a dangerous device. No job is too dangerous for Dangerbot.

Comments about “Dangerbot’s Disaster Dash”

  1. 56bull7 says:

    Really fun

  2. Link says:

    it wouldn’t even let me finish the first level there are some serious bugs in this game

  3. storybirder says:

    Really hard.

  4. E says:

    Not real good.

  5. Bboy says:

    Just boring.

  6. Bobsayshi says:

    :-) awesomeish game 8-/

  7. Digger D says:

    Discover a whole new world at scuba school•

  8. jedi300001 says:

    How do you actuly play games?

  9. TechWhiz says:

    OK.Off to find a better game!

  10. Jokenergy says:

    Wow. just Wow.

  11. brodster says:

    this game is so awsome

  12. 80's man says:

    it’s so hard:(:(

  13. BURGERBOY says:

    30500 HIGHSCORE OF THE WEEK! :) ;) :0

  14. Survival Geek says:


  15. Angry says:

    It won’t let me play!!!

  16. Pokeboy says:

    second High score of the week!! :) :) 119200

  17. monkey says:

    this is hard

  18. cool says:

    ya I agree

  19. scout dude says:

    It stinks.

  20. fishingxprt says:

    i don’t like the controls

  21. neptunejag says:

    i got to the end and it didn’t let me go to level 2 and it’s hard and not and also it’s not good at controlling (it’s not fair at all!:( )

  22. Tiger Cub says:

    it ran out 4th bomb level 1

  23. CRAZY DUDE says:


  24. ex2o02o0 says:


  25. finn says:

    I loveeeeeee this game

  26. gmath says:

    i hate!!!!!!!! this game!!!!!!!!!! :{

  27. t says:

    1/100 horrable!

  28. i got you good! says:

    SO FUN!=)

  29. da bomb says:

    beat 2ed level on 2ed try and 3rd level on first try!!;D

  30. The Utli-mate Duel says:

    never wanna play this game again period. >:(

  31. prune says:

    level 1 crushes me to robot peices!!!

  32. pig glasses says:

    I could hardly get through the first level!

  33. Dominic says:

    99%+1% you do the math. 100%

  34. pinewood derby says:

    i cant deactivate the bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. I dont know says:

    So easy and boring

  36. haloangrybirds003 says:

    i pushed a key and it went ballay:-

  37. HELLO says:

    i don,t get it

  38. B.O.D says:

    what are the secerets?

    • LifeScout Larry says:

      you can walk through some walls, and also some bombs once you disarm them… you can walk through the area to cut through.

  39. rockstar says:


  40. rockstar says:


  41. welbosboy says:

    this game is soooooo bring

  42. foolharty says:

    how long has this game been out?

  43. cxiilady21 says:

    awesome game its so hard to beat the last lvl.

  44. soren says:

    fun… and cool!

  45. jt says:

    i agree with everyone who says this has bad controls

  46. nitwit says:

    It’s hard just to pass the 1st level! It’s hard really hard to steer!

  47. matt cool says:

    it was fine i agree with sporer

  48. sporer says:

    nice game. BAD controls. amazing secrets! Too easy to deactivate bombs. 3/5

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