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Ollie Goes to Town

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Ollie is back, and this time the ricocheting robot is ready for a night out in RoboTown. Help him collect nuts, learn combos, find microchips and impress the other robots.

Ollie Goes to Town was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Ollie Goes to Town”

  1. westy14 says:

    this is so boring. It’s so hard.

  2. hi :) says:

    how do get past the saws?!

  3. mesa jarjar says:

    u gotta think with this game but very fun

  4. sonic says:

    I beat in 5

  5. ipod 123 says:

    duh. that was the most easy game ever. i beat it in 8 minutes flat.

  6. mmmmm says:

    can somebody help me on level 4!

  7. €! says:

    It is so hard

  8. Fun E. Scout Boy says:

    Sweet! Beat it! :D

  9. nickafish says:

    level 11 is hard

  10. Batman says:

    I got five bages

  11. Berkshire says:

    Not easy

  12. Game Master ( aprantance ) says:

    Oh yeah MMM! I have three badges to go!

  13. bob says:

    awsome. i passed all the levels and got all the badges and microchips

  14. Anonymous says:

    i finisht with it

  15. mmm says:

    beat all levels. 19 robo badges

  16. wacky says:

    how do i get all the nuts in a levle in 1 “combo”

  17. wacky says:

    how do i get all the nuts in a lev

  18. bummer says:

    EASY!!!! i beat it in about 27 minutes. much better than the original

  19. esr29 says:

    easy easy easy

  20. super cooper says:

    how do you beat leve 2

  21. toothless says:

    i finished every level

  22. darth p9 says:

    The game wasn’t that bad; just average.

  23. Webelo185 says:

    How the heck do you get past level 4?

  24. bombme36 says:

    it`s so easy :D

  25. Darth Bob says:


  26. wacky says:

    WHAT IS A COMBO??? please answer

  27. The unknown says:

    I rock at this game!

  28. Tj whats says:

    I keep diein in sector 3

  29. :) says:

    luv this game :)

  30. ;j says:

    dude this is so easy i beat the game and i have all the badges

  31. perad690 says:

    how do you do this

  32. That Guy In Your Closet says:

    Yo!This is so fun I like this!Its really cool!

  33. Super mario says:


  34. parvius says:

    how do you impress the yellow guys?

  35. slare!:D says:

    lvl is easy

  36. wackymotto says:

    what is a combo

  37. wacky says:

    itis hard to play while enjoying a popcicle

  38. mr cool says:

    it is hard

  39. Alexander says:

    How do you unpause it?

  40. jc says:

    come on! I have beat all the levels!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. The Scout says:

    Can somebody teach me some tricks?

  42. chocolate says:

    lvl 1 is so easy!

  43. The Scout says:

    How do you beat sector 4?

  44. The Scout says:

    How do you kill the green guys?

  45. The Scout says:

    I can’t get the last nut!

  46. Anonymous says:

    I’m stuck on 4

  47. alexia says:

    i will try to win all of the levels.

  48. prune says:

    lvl 1 iz hRd

  49. darth vader says:

    im keep getting zapt on level 1

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