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Pedro and the Pearls of Peril

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The Boys’ Life mail barge has sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. Help Pedro collect the now-soggy mail from the creatures of the deep.

Pedro and the Pearls of Peril was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Pedro and the Pearls of Peril”

  1. eye in the sky says:

    this is a really fun game. the last piece of mail is in the whale. he lives really far down

  2. myself says:

    beat mail whale without even trying I found him and he just blew up

  3. 1st time says:

    Apparently, you can beat mail as many times as you want even after you finished the game!

  4. the scout says:

    got all the weapons and all the gear in 3:46 minutes Beat That!

  5. joke says:

    when you start, go to the left. lot of clams! :)

  6. cl19 says:

    good, more pearls

  7. Blank says:

    if you are in a tight spot or you have low Health hit esc and then continue and you will be at the top with full Health

  8. no name says:

    secrets to a good game. get the mine launcher and ping pong sonar and optional lucky rabbits paw. thats all

  9. i am awesome says:

    103:13 i only died once while i was trying to defeat mail whale

  10. HELP ME says:

    Can’t find mail wail collected 49 mail.PLEASE HELP!!!

  11. Pretzle says:


  12. Anonymous says:


  13. The Calculator says:

    Finished in 73:14

  14. butterman says:

    Anybody else think letters and pearls spawn randomly?

  15. awesome Cobra says:

    this game is so fun :)

  16. Draiga says:


  17. jake says:

    awesome whith a capital ,,A,,

  18. lego dude says:

    won in two seconds upgraded everything! :) lol

  19. pretzle says:

    I’m still beating it and i’ve been at this for 3 days

  20. shotgun scout says:

    i have my mine launcher fully upgraded! its a BLAST! =)

  21. bob says:

    i love the harpoon gun!

  22. Yeah says:

    i did the hole thing three times only dying once.

  23. awesome says:

    I passed the game!

  24. beaver says:

    Should have been longer

  25. dowen game says:

    If you go to right side of the game and down to a gap you will get 99 perlis

  26. Gamer says:

    easy but fun

  27. legos!!!!!! says:

    go all the way right then all down to find infinite pearls

  28. Rex Maximus says:

    84.16 all weapons on max and all upgrades

  29. squidman says:

    BEST GAME EVER!!! =0 ( then its defenders of earth)

  30. Superboy says:

    hello again. How to win:
    1: Get Rivet gun
    2: Get Rabbit Foot
    3: Build Pearl Farm
    4:UpGrade Weapons
    5: get the suit and Bell Thing.
    6:Go Deeper and defeat tougher monsters
    7:Defeat The Mail Wahle!!!

  31. Superboy says:

    How to make a pearl farm
    1: use the lazer to dig a hole Streight down
    2: use the mine launcher to make a pearl room
    3: make more Passages And Pearl Room
    4:Explore and beat Monsters
    5:Return and collect Pearls
    6:Repeat Steps 5 and 6
    Hint: Get the rabbits foot first for a faster production!

    • Draiga says:

      how to get LOTS of pearls INSTANTLY: go to the right edge of the map then go down to until you see a hole in the wall go through the hole and you will start collecting pearls instantly

  32. Superboy says:

    I was drilling to find mail, and the enemys TOUGHER,then i got ATTACKED BY A WHALE!!!!

  33. Laxdude32 says:

    This game is awesome! I played this once a couple months ago, and I didn’t know clams could regenerate pearls.

  34. mistre says:

    i won

  35. cbred1 says:

    beat it in 93:03. upgraded harpoon to the MAX

  36. The Doctor says:

    32.59 all weapons upgraded OH YEAH!!!!!!!

  37. Mining guy says:

    Hello again.
    Here’s my method of sea-monster-detection: simply shoot off multiple rounds from an upgraded missile launcher and watch where they go.

  38. Mining Guy says:

    Here’s how to beat the game:
    1. Make a pearl farm (as described in my other comment)
    2. Buy all the guns and all the equipment
    3. Hang out in the shallow water, shooting monsters and upgrading your guns.
    4. One all your guns are fully upgraded, head down deep. Using your Ping-Pong Popper, collect all the mail and defeat any monsters you come across.

  39. Pedro says:

    The ultimate Pedro-Defense-System: Spin a fully upgraded spear launcher in a circle.

  40. theedoo says:

    64:44 i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. cubbybaseball4 says:

    the mail whale was so hard to beat. 100.54 was my score.

  42. I won! says:


  43. Kitty Kat says:


  44. falloutdude says:

    dudes get the mining layzer

  45. b blob says:

    good game but I hate that whale… IT HAS A MUSTACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. says says:

    I really like this game!

  47. AND says:


  48. Rory says:

    This game is very fun and engaging. Every time I had to get off it, I was itching to get back on. I had 49 pieces of mail and had almost upgraded all weapons when someone shut down my game; it was not saved )-:
    The laser rocks!

  49. L man says:

    get the rivet gun!!!!!

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