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Pedro and the Pearls of Peril

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The Boys’ Life mail barge has sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. Help Pedro collect the now-soggy mail from the creatures of the deep.

Pedro and the Pearls of Peril was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Pedro and the Pearls of Peril”

  1. 123 says:

    ping ping sonar is great!

  2. Da Scout says:


  3. i beat it says:

    i beat it

  4. lego says:

    wheres the wale

  5. the bomb says:

    54:23, first time

  6. Roo says:

    it gets pretty easy after your harpoons are fully upgraded

  7. Awesome02 says:

    What?!!!!!!!! Even though I blew just about everything up and beat the game, it still spawned everything back when I hit continue!!

  8. clamchowder says:

    i dont think it is fair that the laser vaporizes pearls

  9. TUGBOAT says:

    All my guns are as good as they can be

  10. awsomefishingdude says:

    Finished in 33:17. Beat that!

  11. googlefunk360 says:

    built pearl shelves to spawn &collect clams! LOADS OF THEM! From:Montana

  12. Dread Spudd says:

    XD So fun! My time was 50:50. :l I see a recuring number pattern.

  13. Percy Jackson says:

    I’m pretty good with this game

  14. copycAt says:

    love this game

  15. ghfhjjdhg says:


  16. toadster172 says:

    beat the game

  17. hibby jibby2 says:

    1,2 buckle my shoe its so easy ![even though I’m a girl. He He He! ]

  18. i am says:

    how come they dont let you mute the sound?! …..

    good game but i tried listening to music and all i heard is the game sound.

  19. gog says:

    love it!!!!

  20. Mail Whale Killer says:

    I got all the upgrades for the spear gun, and killed the whale in 5 seconds! Game finished in 103:29!

  21. Timon says:


  22. striker says:

    I love this game!

  23. The medic says:

    It’s fun and easy

  24. medic says:

    It’s easy

  25. zasx says:

    I love this game! I never beat it though

  26. Dragoncraft says:

    i beat the game in 75 min and 37 sec Beat that!!!! :)

  27. Dragoncraft says:

    I Beat The Whale Before The Last Peace!!!! XD3

  28. bassdude says:

    awesome game!!!!!!!

  29. 007 says:

    I Finished in 126:02.

  30. coolman says:

    160 minutes I am the worst at this game

  31. pooi says:

    I just need the m.w.

  32. pooi says:

    the whale has a mustash?

  33. pooi says:

    I need 5 more

  34. mystery says:


  35. pooi says:

    I need 1 more

  36. error error says:

    CURSE YOU MAIL WHALE!! I only nee one more and he has it!! ;-)

  37. ghost busters says:

    i played this game before.

  38. ii2 says:

    won the game in – 2days. I know. long huh?

  39. ii2 says:

    I got every weapon! This game is fun! :)

  40. i bete in 00:30:00 says:

    iv beaten almost all da games on here funfunfun

  41. Anonymous says:

    lots fun

  42. love it says:

    love it!

  43. almost there says:

    is it possible to destory the mail whale?

  44. joe the equipment guy says:

    Fun!!!!! :-)

  45. Croooow!!! says:

    Why do the octopuses have mustaches?? :-{)

  46. gypsy says:

    love it beat it in 3 hours!

  47. Cambot says:


  48. Paracordist says:

    I finished in 50:04. Pretty good! It is an awesome game!

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