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Pedro and the Pearls of Peril

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The Boys’ Life mail barge has sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. Help Pedro collect the now-soggy mail from the creatures of the deep.

Pedro and the Pearls of Peril was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Pedro and the Pearls of Peril”

  1. MATT- O -RAMA says:

    I got 50 in 61:01, in your face Wizard/dragon lover! :-)

  2. icyclaw says:

    How do you get past the game?

  3. TACOS:D says:


  4. fffff says:

    The game only took me 59:55

  5. lala says:

    there are two whales

  6. COOL!! says:

    REALLY!?!?! A giant whale with a mustache? Beat him easy peasy. he has a letter in him.

  7. Googlefunk360 says:

    found whale shark with a barly upgraded harpoon gun and died.

  8. ditto says:

    My time was 60:02.

  9. treem8 says:

    I agree!

  10. magic snowball says:

    If you saw the July Boys`life magazine you would see from the Pedro comics Ordep is evil and in this game he`s good. Why????????

  11. nothing says:

    best time 64:27

  12. Ace says:

    Just Upgrade rivit gun and lazar gun and your set. As long as you have fully upgraded mine launcher too!

  13. Dragon slayer says:


  14. Popcorn says:


  15. OctaviaScratch says:

    The 1st weapon you should buy is the rivet gun and upgrade alot then buy the rebbits foot then armor and flippers and then the loaderbot

  16. woohoo! says:

    AWESOME GAME!!!!!!

  17. cobra says:

    this is like my 5th time playing!!!!

  18. wert says:

    i took the mail whale after digging through with mine gun and beat him only with harpoons

  19. rex says:

    beat the game, bought everything, and upgraded everything.

  20. SuperRemeo says:

    The game is soooooo addicting i got all mail and all upgrades and everything from the store

  21. bobmcbob says:

    railgun is boss

  22. beepbop says:

    The male whale with the mustache is super easy once you got all the upgrades in fact so easy that I have killed him like 7 times .

  23. P0keF4n says:

    GIANT MUSTACHE SHARK!!!??? o_0 :-)

  24. Derby Destroyer says:

    upgraded all guns, all the way! FINALLY!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I HATE THIS GAME (not) :)

  26. flying icebird says:

    its called the MAIL WHALE you guys

  27. DeltaZ33 says:

    65:39 All you need is 2 upgrade your harpoon and laser thats all you need seriously

    • flying icebird says:

      this game is fun, all you need to do is upgrade your harpoon and laser and you are set for the rest of the game.

      • tankz2mazter says:

        those are really good but torpedo is SUPER AWESOME too. I just send them out and when they start tracking nothing survives. also the ping sonar from ordep is SOOOOO useful, just use the laser to cut through the rock and follow the arrow, don’t go around or anything

  28. super dude says:

    i won with all items and 99+!!!!!!!!!

  29. amigo de pedro says:

    i love this game so much !! make a second one where there is a sea monster that eats the mail and you have to go in side it to get the mail back

  30. coolman 56734 says:

    I beat the game flippin finaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. nothing. says:

    4th time around, still as fun as ever! :-D pirates & green ghosts are hard though, the whale is SO FUN!!!

  32. burgar breath says:

    180.59 is when I won

  33. DUDE says:

    TIME 26:48

  34. commentater says:

    This is a fun game, really, but I think it is a bit easy at the end, but it is still fun!:)

  35. stopmotionlover says:

    very hard

  36. The Boys' Life Critic says:

    A good game, though quite hard. A question; Pedro and Ordep are working together? I thought Ordep was Pedro’s EVIL mirror twin. Another question: WHERE IS THE MAIL?!

  37. A-Nonny-Mouse says:

    16:47 – only harpoon & mining laser weapons needed

  38. jamjam222 says:


  39. jamjam222 says:

    achavment (upgrader) fully upgrade every gun. almost done!!!!

  40. Yeah says:

    I did it in a long time, because I was multitasking, playing 2 games at once. I did it in 110 minutes.

  41. wizards/dragon lover says:

    finally i finished! :) play time is 133:11

  42. Slenderman says:

    I won!

  43. COOL says:

    The game is very cool

  44. Rouge says:

    When you click on the mining laser, it uses up a little bit of ammo.

  45. nobody says:

    I Won!!!!!!!!

  46. Storybirder says:


  47. camper says:

    lost all pearls

  48. Anonymous says:

    86:30 my time

  49. carliscool says:

    The closer u get t the whale, the more baddies there are!

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