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Pedro and the Pearls of Peril

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The Boys’ Life mail barge has sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. Help Pedro collect the now-soggy mail from the creatures of the deep.

Pedro and the Pearls of Peril was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Pedro and the Pearls of Peril”

  1. BUBDAN says:


  2. redlynx says:

    this game is too easy


  3. redlynx says:

    For newcomers to the game, if you want to fully upgrade your weapons, you should swim around until you gather a lot of enemies, then shoot’ em all at once.

  4. redlynx says:

    THIS GAME DA BOMB!!!!!!!!!!

  5. tails says:

    my sister moved pedro, and I fired. this is a nice way to play with your siblings

  6. Nic says:

    This game is the bomb I can prove it.

  7. slug says:

    the mail whales only weakness is the laser gun

  8. cheeseman says:

    What is your favorite weapon? Anyone can answer.

  9. slug says:

    mail whale easy to defeat

  10. him says:

    how do you control sound

  11. Anonymous says:

    i fully upgraded all my weapons and had them fully RE-LOADED

  12. legomanofepic says:

    this game rocks. nuff said.

  13. bubblegm64 says:

    my brother is great at this game!!!!!!!!!!

  14. jack says:

    too eazy.redy fore hard mode,if there was one.

  15. nerfinater says:

    i’m open for absolutly any questons anybody has. anything.

  16. nerfinater says:

    this is a tip for anybody who is new or having trouble. when you upgrade your weapons, max out speedloader first, ammo cappasity 2nd. damege 3rd, rate of fire 4th. and anything from there on. untill your weapon is completly maxed out.

  17. mr scout says:

    i can’t play! each time i click on it … it pauses!}:(

  18. Candyman says:

    mines leveled up maximum make the mail whale look wimpy:-)

    • cowboy says:

      how? i’ve only seen it,then i got reeled in!!! ;-)

    • jedi101 says:

      Who’s The “Mail Whale” ?

      • 13 chairs of chaos says:

        Mail whale is the boss of the game.Anything he touchs crumbles to bits,he shoots bullets,and is HUGE(no wonder why anything he touchs crumbles to bits.).I beat him using the mine laucher,and the only time i got reeled in was after I defeated him(the green ghost’s and red octopus’s got me.).He was SO easy.

  19. 1 says:

    Best. Game. Ever.

  20. beaver says:

    that game is awesome

  21. chainsaw mann says:

    Ibeat the game in 160 about all things bought, all weapons fully upgraded exept the 3rd one:0

  22. waterdragon says:

    man,it’s pretty easy once u got everything collectible and max out weapons(i really prefer not to get spear ricochet though) if someone needs help or tips reply to me

  23. nerfinater says:

    68:41 beat that.

  24. nerfinater says:


  25. N8 says:

    Awsome game!!!

  26. billy bob says:


  27. bob me uncle says:

    I love this game :):)}:[

  28. lovecat says:


  29. nerfinater says:

    i just destroyed EVERYTHING that is destroyable and theres no more rocks just wide open space.

  30. nerfinater says:

    i’m a beast at this, i have all the weapons maxed out and i have all the stuff to buy.

  31. nerfinater says:

    i beat the giant whale with all the weapons maxed out. boyah.

  32. esr29 says:

    :-) :-) :-)

  33. toothless says:

    i am so good at this game

  34. greek geek says:


  35. dude says:

    Giant Whale????

  36. gog says:

    its fun at first,,,,,,,but then it get annoying

  37. P9hero says:

    The jellyfish were annoying

  38. rexmaximus says:

    SUPER AWESOME!!!!! I beat it in 71:06. i like the laser and speargun.

  39. joe says:

    i probaly would have won in faster than 132:50 but its addicting to get the pearls

  40. asdf says:

    i upgraded everything and got all the mail and things in the shop. Now it says to have fun blowing things up.

  41. eek says:

    96.11 min.

  42. jman says:

    hint hint there is a giant fish at the bottom !!!!!!!!

  43. jman says:

    i beat it

  44. iPad says:

    It rocks on iPad.

  45. Spitfyre says:

    I beat the game. The giant whale was hard to kill.

  46. AnonymousBoysLifefan says:

    78:52 (:

  47. puzzlemaster says:

    I like the sumbaine blaster thing it goes in the direction of the
    enimies a++++++++++

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