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Pedro and the Pearls of Peril

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The Boys’ Life mail barge has sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. Help Pedro collect the now-soggy mail from the creatures of the deep.

Pedro and the Pearls of Peril was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Pedro and the Pearls of Peril”

  1. 007 says:

    I like the way it resembles mine craft.

  2. Oblivion says:

    All you need to beat this is the mining laser and the spear gun.

  3. GRRR says:

    I got the mail in 59:46

  4. frodo says:

    its a really fun game!

  5. yoyo says:

    I got it in only 55:33. get the mines first, the rivet gun and the torpedos do not work to good. the whale on the bottom of the sea has the last piece of mail. the kale rocks!

  6. HEXAGONER says:

    Oh.. it’s fun

  7. Darko says:

    I got everything. All the upgrades and everything and everything in the shop. I also used the mining L.A.S.E.R to make a neat little underwater base. Anything gets in, it doesn’t touch me. I bust it up. I made the entryway one block wide, so almost none of the fish can get in. Really the only that can get in are those weird ghost pirates. To get rid of ‘em I use the harpoon or rivet gun.

  8. Mr. Pigz says:

    I DID IT!!!!!!! in 86:14(the only reason it took so long was because i kept switching back and forth between this and youtube

  9. Link says:

    Wish they’d make a 2nd one!

  10. pedro says:

    i try 2 use the bombs to kill the scary fish it is not working oh boo hoo.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Fourth time beating it. Second favorite computer game!!! (first is minecraft)

  12. McDouble says:

    I love this game!!! Better than any other game on other websites

  13. tiger says:

    the game is hard!!!!!!

  14. ?Mysterio? says:

    Max mail, max pearls, max weapons…..

  15. SARA says:


  16. istilldontknow says:

    Beat goatee-whale with fully upgraded spear gun.

  17. kk says:

    Whenever I go to boyslife Ido this game!

  18. Anonymous says:

    very hard game i dont like it

  19. JCO Morgan says:

    Awesome Game!!! :) Wale would be easy but for the mobs around it the fully upgraded harpoon is best by far but mining laser great for digging use the fully upgraded mine thrower for mobs Rivet Shooter… I only bought it to say i got everything It’s TERRIBLE even fully upgraded. Rabbits foot REALLY works.

    Good Luck!!

  20. me says:


  21. Harry Potter says:

    This is one COOL game. :)

  22. Minecrafter says:


  23. Minecrafter says:

    Easy to kill stuff with fully upgraded harpoon gun. Beat in 10 minutes 23 seconds

  24. Completer says:

    All you need is maxed out mining laser, the body part of the suit, super space kelp, and the mail detector. 37:19

  25. joecapone says:

    if you have the lazer you can make a farm. just go sidways and hold downthe mouse

  26. Awesome spy!!! says:

    I got 100 Pearls once! and I’ve beaten the game about 3 times! The Whale is easy to beat.

  27. spider7550 says:

    I don’t think there are cheats in the game

  28. spider7550 says:

    beat the game

  29. watcher says:

    got everything that I can!!

  30. t-rom says:

    THIS GAME IS THE BEST EVER!!!!! does the placement of the rocks change on every new game?

  31. fluff says:

    RIVET GUN!!!!!

  32. moosehunter says:

    personal best of 15:55. Had a mine launcher and left flipper. Did my upgrades and swam fast.

  33. bman says:

    I FINALLY WON!83:42!

  34. puzzled says:

    cant move pedro

  35. fun says:

    how do you make a harvest area???

  36. dino says:

    is there cheats on pedro an the pearls of peril

  37. frodo baggins says:

    won at 48:30 with harpoon fully loaded and mine shooter thingy 3rd time.

  38. 007 says:

    So Awesome I’m ADDICTED

  39. Awesomw says:

    Super fun.

  40. and says:

    I finaly won. I FINALY WON. 93:11

  41. fdfgfg says:

    this is awesome

  42. wormling59mep says:

    I LOVE IT! (=

    (but not as much as minecraft)

  43. Jimmer freddette nuthin but net says:

    Awesome game!

  44. butterman says:

    Pretty awesome game.

  45. kid#2 says:

    goog but real easy after you upgrade the gun a few times

  46. steve says:


  47. Mister E. says:


  48. bilbo says:

    nice game, but too easy.

  49. nate says:

    no coments relly this game is cool

  50. kinja says:

    if u like this do derby town racing

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