Comments about “Snowboard Slalom  ”

  1. soxfan says:

    This game STINKS.

  2. critic double o o says:

    I take that back this game rocks

  3. yoshibot says:

    1 at a time:(

  4. Fudge guy says:

    I only got 10 :(

  5. rollerguy!abc says:


  6. slalomboy87 says:


  7. boots'nsaddles says:

    This is like my favorite game! although, I can’t score well.

  8. Aary says:

    I got 11!

  9. Tom Cruise, Christian Bale and George Strait says:


  10. boots'nsaddles says:

    this is fun but a little hard!

  11. boyguy33 says:

    I HATE this game

  12. mikey says:


  13. txt dude says:

    14. is that good. hehe. (sigh)

  14. baseball Joe says:

    I only got one. DG you are right. I don`t like this game.

  15. Scouting101 says:

    3 :(

  16. DG says:

    dude this is ridiculous, if your lucky enough to make the flags you can over steer and hit the tree, i got like 7 and i have the high score for several other games, this is impossible its one of those games thats very poorly made and its impossible

  17. shaun white 51 says:

    this is way to hard

  18. zbo says:

    I only got two

  19. txt dude says:

    two words..sorta. bo-ring

  20. BLuvr says:


  21. SuperMan says:

    22 sweet game

  22. cc says:

    i hate it……

  23. SALAMANDER says:

    INSANLY HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hi says:

    I got 71

  25. trickster9 says:


  26. mack daddy says:

    This game cheat’s!:(

  27. trickster9 says:


  28. trickster9 says:

    just got 11.

  29. trickster9 says:

    fun,but hard.8

  30. Riddler 2010 says:

    That is the hardest game on this site! It only give you 2 seconds to position yourself! :(

  31. Kati says:

    56,this game is really addicting, peace out dood

  32. Yoshi says:

    My High score is 28, This game is addicting

  33. gamer says:

    TO HARD!!!!!!!

  34. Yoshi says:

    This game is the best game ever and my high score is 16 and it took me like a million tries to get there

  35. banana boy says:

    This game is addicting!:)My high score is 17!have tons of fun! :)

  36. Anakin says:

    This is intense, but I like it !!!!!!

  37. Kati says:

    This game is addicting, I just got 25, have fun!

  38. A says:

    11. The trick is to stay in the middle whenever you aren’t going after a marker.

  39. banana boy says:

    This game is addicting!:)My high score is 16, but it took me 16 tries to get there.Have fun!!

  40. mikey says:


  41. nyyanks00 says:

    trash i got 7 my best is 8

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