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Snowboard Slalom  

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    283!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (getting closer to 300)

    My 3 best scores are…

    1. 283

    2. 246

    3. 236

    P.S. By boring I mean the same old thing, not gee having a top 10 list is aboring idea!

  2. hobbesfan: drummer is just keeping score! besides, it won’t get boring; it’s useful.:)

  3. bbsaje: I have submitted on comment 177 a few suggestions on how to do well, but here are some more: timing is key. You need to have good mouse control.

  4. Drummer: If you want to keep tradition, that’s fine. But if everyone kept the same old top ten lists or tradition it would be pretty boring!

    bbsaje: Practice makes perfect! kinda! Anyway the best way to do better is to keep playing! I don’t post every score I get, but keep trying until I do better! Keep playing, hopefully you’ll make the top 15 er, top 10 List!

  5. bbsaje: This is how I play the game:

    Remember that the goal is always in one of three places. I always stay in the middle so that I can get to any one of them quickly. Don’t get into the habit of swerving to the sides to avoid obstacles. That will almost always put you farther away from the marker. When obstacles are in the middle, jump over them by clicking the left mouse button. Only go to the sides for the split second that you need to get through the marker. Then come back to the middle IMMEDIATELY. These tips help, but I won’t guarantee that you’ll get a high score if you use them. Only practice makes perfect. :)

  6. Drummer, Pete, Hobbesfan … this game is really hard. I can never get more than 20 points. What’s your secret? Any hints for doing better in this game?

  7. I got 310!

  8. Hobbesfan: I want more people on the list, but I won’t expand it, and I won’t make any new rules. It would complicate things too much. I would have to go back to the beginning of the comment page and make a whole new list from scratch. Besides, how many top 15 lists have you seen? I’ve never seen a top 15 list anywhere. Top 10 lists are more traditional. Plus, ten is a more important number than fifteen. I know we can argue about it, but there isn’t a right or a wrong way to make lists. I just have my preferences. Anyway, what do you care? You’re on the list! You should be happy that almost no one else is on it! Good job!

  9. 246 (My best score yet!)

    My 3 best scores are…

    1. 246

    2. 203

    3. 185

    Drummer: If you want more people on the list, put 15 scores instead of 10. Then you can call it the top 15 list!

  10. I got 202 again.

1 18 19 20 21 22 105

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