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  1. mario67 says:

    Why do they make this game? Youmiss1marker and you loose!

  2. pill says:

    hate it, never playing it again, to hard, pointless in trying

  3. star wars says:

    way to hard never gonna play it again

  4. GONE FISH N' says:


  5. pedro11 says:

    way to hard

  6. tman says:

    dont like it too hard

  7. super64 says:

    I Agree with all of you

  8. COScout says:

    The trick is to set your mouse speed to “fast” in your computer’s control panel (and uncheck “Enchance pointer precision” if your computer has that option. Then just get in a rhythm of swipe left and back, swipe right and back, etc. Having the faster mouse speed makes a HUGE difference. My score went from 4 to 24 after doing that.

  9. coolkid says:

    It is very hard you cant see the markers when they come.

  10. ducky says:

    really hard

  11. the basement says:

    worst game EVER !!!!!!

  12. the game changer says:

    i agree

  13. Hank says:

    i got 15

  14. awesome says:


  15. scout j says:

    bad game

  16. chris says:

    very super doper HARD!

  17. weirdo says:

    this game is horrible

  18. gboy says:

    I got five : {

  19. Lego Ninjago7765 says:

    this game is impossible. How do you know where the markers are going to be?

    6% like
    94% dislike

  20. hotdogman says:

    i got 64 beat that

  21. racer extreme says:

    ugh i fell on my face

  22. Great Chicken Wings says:

    I got 12, its hard Have a GREAT Chicken Wing Day

  23. Kiwiboy3,000 says:

    Super hard. You need super quick reflexes

  24. cool kid says:

    it is easy if you go back to the middle after you pass through a marker!

  25. ebest says:

    it is so hard i haven’t got past the second marker. the most impossible game i have ever seen!

  26. flash007 says:

    I got 16 second try!

  27. lol says:

    i got 14 on hard

  28. tooBad says:

    the game is so easy

  29. tooBad says:

    Yo I Beat the gane

  30. gog says:

    hard,,,i got 12 points

  31. wacky says:

    its boring i dont like the fact that they come to quick

  32. Fun E. Scout Boy says:

    I BEAT you CHEESE MAN! 21 is my score!

  33. coolman103 says:

    wow that is so hard!!!

  34. tommy says:

    14 i sorta like it

  35. weirdo says:

    My best score is 16. You can’t even see the markers until it’s WAY too late!

  36. CHEESE MAN says:

    19 points! If anyone beats that, tell me!

  37. bob says:


  38. t says:

    extremly hard

  39. jman says:

    this is imposible

  40. fox says:

    don`t like it

  41. boo 5847 says:

    don’t like it

  42. Venom Kid says:

    VERY hard. Seems almost immpossible. You have to really be quick.

  43. mystery says:

    it is hard

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