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  1. Drummer: If Pete chooses not to make the list, I don’t want to do it! (darn I still can’t beat my own high score, 283) :(

    P.S. If I did Choose to do the list I wouldn’t put 15 names on it! (reason1: It wouldn’t be alot of fun, you letting me and reason2: it would require more work for me)

    P.S.S. I thought you said only wolfy and Pete were doing Bounce Out Adventure, how come Jaws is doing it! I guess i’ll have to go back and see when he took over!

  2. nice

  3. Sorry, Hobbesfan, I meant listS–not list.

  4. Pete: So. . . will you do it? What’s your answer?

    Hobbesfan: Comment 203 is a list of only the people who have had the highest score since the comment page was open; so, for instance, if you managed to beat 507, you’d be the next person on it. Comment 204 is a list of the top 10 highest scores ever made.

    PS If Pete doesn’t respond by Sunday, I give you permission to make the list.

  5. Also, what’s the difference between comment 203 & 204?

    I kinda get it and I kinda don’t! :(

  6. In case your wondering, I won’t encourge Pete to put 15 names on the list.

  7. Not too many people posted scores, (whoa, didn’t see that one coming! :-/ ) so the list didn’t change much. Pete, hobbesfan, and I are still the only ones on it. :( Please post more scores, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the list of the top 10 (Hear that, hobbesfan, 10!) scores of all time:

    1. Pete: 507 points

    2. Pete: 422 points

    3. drummer: 392 points

    4. drummer: 342 points

    5. drummer: 310 points

    6. drummer: 305 points

    7. Hobbesfan: 283 points

    8. hobbesfan: 246 points

    9. Pete: 243 points

    10. Hobbesfan: 236 points

    I’m disappointed w/ the scores, but I have a much more important issue to deal w/. I won’t be here for the next set of lists! Since Pete IS the current Supreme King of snowboard slalom, I entrust him w/ the duties of making the lists for the upcoming Monday. I trust that he will make the list properly, include all scores high enough, and not put any false scores. I ALSO trust that he will put EXACTLY TEN scores on the list; he will NOT put 15. If he does, he will have betrayed my trust. The last thing that I will entrust to Pete is that he will do the lists for this week ONLY. Pete, I know you have a partnership of making the list w/ a certain wolfy on PeeWee’s Bounce-Out Adventure; but I’ve always done the lists on this page by myself; and I don’t want that to change. I hope you’ll respect that. Thank you.

    PS My lists may have errors. If they do, tell me; and I’ll fix them. :)

  8. This is the list of people who have had the HIGHEST score since the comment page was open. It hasn’t changed. The only reason I’ve posted it again is that last week, I forgot to skip a line before putting the scores. Here it is:

    Pete: 22 points. (Note: This isn’t an actual score. It is an average. However, to get that average, he must have scored AT LEAST 22.)

    Cooldude: 75 points

    I-love-my-life-cereal: 100 points

    Drummer: 155 points

    Pete: 174 points

    Drummer: 194 points

    Pete: 208 points

    Drummer: 227 points

    Pete: 243 points

    Drummer: 342 points

    Pete: 422 points

    Pete: 507 points

  9. Okay, my mouse is screwing up. I have one of those old-fashioned roller-ball mouses, so they screw up often. Don’t expect any new scores from me for a while.

  10. Sorry, Anonymous, is actually me. I forgot to type in my nickname!

1 19 20 21 22 23 105

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