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  1. Alright, here it is–the list of the top ten highest scores of all time! I’m sort of disappointed that there was only one score posted this week that made it, but I can live with it. Here they are:

    1. Pete: 543 points

    2. Z: 510 points

    3. Pete: 507 points

    4. Pete: 422 points

    5. Cyber Guy: 401 points

    6. drummer: 392 points

    7. Hobbesfan: 373 points

    8. drummer: 342 points

    9. TRIUMPHANT RED: 337 points

    10. Hobbesfan: 318 points

    AAAHHH!!! I just realized that I only have two scores left on the list! I used to have like five or six! Why did my mouse have to screw up?

    PS My lists may contain errors. If they do, tell me; and I’ll fix them.

    PPS Because of last week’s technical error, I’ve decided that in this list, I should post the last comment to reach my screen. (Just in case someone posts a comment and I don’t see it before I post the lists.) The last comment approved on my screen is comment 298. (299 was posted by me, but it hasn’t been approved yet.)

    PPPS Wait a second, I just posted the 300th comment on Snowboard Slalom. YES!!!

  2. Okay, once again, no one’s beaten Pete’s high score; so if you want to see the list of people who have had the highest score since the comment page was open, you can still look at comment 277. :)

  3. Sure, Cyberguy, I’ll put your score in tomorrow. You must be really good to get 401 the first time you’ve played the game.

  4. Hey! Drummer! Could you please put my score of 401 in? Thanks.

    Cyber Guy (Shadow Expinent)

  5. 2nd Class Scout! Soon to be 1st Class! (I Hope!)

  6. Lightning Mcqueen // August 26, 2007 at 4:03 pm // Reply


  7. TRIUMPHANT RED // August 26, 2007 at 3:24 pm // Reply

    Hey hobbesfan,

    What rank are you?

  8. TRIUMPHANT RED // August 26, 2007 at 3:18 pm // Reply

    Thanks drummer!!!

  9. My lists have some errors lately. Some of them were technical, and some of them are my fault. This list is being made today to correct my forgetting of TRIUMPHANT RED’s score of 337.

    1. Pete: 543 points

    2. Z: 510 points

    3. Pete: 507 points

    4. Pete: 422 points

    5. drummer: 392 points

    6. Hobbesfan: 373 points

    7. drummer: 342 points

    8. TRIUMPHANT RED: 337 points

    9. Hobbesfan: 318 points

    10. drummer: 310 points

    Sorry about the error, TRIUMPHANT RED, your score is #8. :)

  10. Lightning Mcqueen // August 26, 2007 at 2:19 pm // Reply


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