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Snowboard Slalom  

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  1. TRIUMPHANT RED // September 2, 2007 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    Hey drummer,

    How do you know that it was tman’s FIRST score? Maybe he practiced a couple of times until he got a high score THEN he posted it.

  2. Hobbesfan: By the way, you can write it PS or P.S. Microsoft Word recognizes both as correct. However, when adding another P to the PS, you have to put a period and a space after it because it’s a separate word; (Post postscript is correct. Postpostscript isn’t a word.) so it would be P. PS, P. P. PS, and so on. Sorry, but I know I’m right about this. There’s no way it’s PS S., PS S. S. You know what, though? I really don’t care that much.

  3. Drummer: Are you going to beleive everbody? First Z, then MC8, now tman? You can’t trust everbody!

    P.S. Today is the last day I will post a comment daily. :( (I will only post on either Friday or Saturday.)

  4. Hobbesfan: PS P. PS P. P. PS and so on. OR P.S. P. P.S. P. P. P.S.

    PS stands for Postscript. Post is the Latin word for after, so P. PS means “after after the script.” P.S. S. would mean “after the script script.” That doesn’t make sense. It’s PS P. PS P. P. PS–not PS PS S. PS S. S.

  5. Drummer: it’s




  6. GREAT! Nice job, tman, you’ve succeeded in completely screwing up my list! }:[] It’s almost impossible to get 600 on your first score. It’s almost impossible to beat the high score on your first try. IT’S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. . . but it’s not. PPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEEEE don’t let that be your last comment. PPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSEEE post another one telling us you’re lying. If you don’t tell us you’re lying, I have NO CHOICE but to put it as the highest score ever!!!! You shouldn’t like to just cause chaos for fun! You shouldn’t feel proud about something you didn’t earn! Do the right thing! Please! :’-(

  7. hyjyuhgjkuyo // August 31, 2007 at 8:31 pm // Reply

    ): 4

  8. Oooooooooo! So close, Hobbesfan! I’m sorry, but you posted your 408 after I posted the lists. I’m going to have to wait until next week to post your score. The only time I’ll post a new list in the middle of the week is if I made an error. If you had posted the score BEFORE I posted the lists, and I hadn’t seen it until after I’d posted the lists, then I would post a new list. Alas, you posted your score AFTER I’d posted them. You’re just going to have to wait.

    BTW, congrats on beating my personal best!

  9. 408!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (add it to the list!) :) Drummer: P.S. P.S.S. P.S.S.S.

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