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Snowboard Slalom  

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  1. Here is the list of the top 10 highest scores of all time:

    1. Rock GUITAR: 634 points

    2. Pete: 621 points

    3. tman: 600 points

    4. Pete: 543 points

    5. Z: 510 points

    6. Pete: 507 points

    7. Pete: 422 points

    8. Hobbesfan: 408 points

    9. Cyber Guy: 401 points

    10. drummer: 392 points

    I don’t feel like typing all the PS’s. You guys know what I say after I post the lists.

    PS The last comment that has appeared on my screen is 338.

  2. Okay, okay, it’s my fault for not posting the lists. After much tumult, here is the new lists. A lot of people posted extremely high scores in the last week, so I have to post them whether I believe them or not. Innocent until proven guilty. (Hobbesfan either doesn’t understand or doesn’t agree with this concept.)

    Pete: 22 points. (Note: This isn’t an actual score. It is an average. However, to get that average, he must have scored AT LEAST 22.)

    Cooldude: 75 points

    I-love-my-life-cereal: 100 points

    Drummer: 155 points

    Pete: 174 points

    Drummer: 194 points

    Pete: 208 points

    Drummer: 227 points

    Pete: 243 points

    Drummer: 342 points

    Pete: 422 points

    Pete: 507 points

    Z: 510 points

    Pete: 543 points

    tman: 600 points

    Pete: 621 points

    Rock GUITAR: 634 points

    I realize that Pete and Rock GUITAR are the same person, but he posted the score as Rock GUITAR, so that’s what I’ll post on the list.

    PS Since the lists are based on the honor system, I cannot be held responsible for the truth and or accuracy of any score on it. I can only assure you that I will never lie about my own scores.

  3. Hey Pete,

    It’s not cool to make accusations. If you really think I’m cheating (which I am most certainly not ) I would post better proof than a unobserved coincedence!

    P.S. What are we lying about? I never posted that high a score.

  4. Stupid computer

    PS It’s too new and it has qwest internet

  5. I’m sorry guys; but I have to skip the lists for this week because frankly, I don’t have time to keep it up during the week.

    PS I’m thinking of quitting it all together; but if I decide to do that, I’ll be sure to tell you.

  6. I mostly keep a score ready for anyone who beats mine, but I don’t have one YET…

  7. I am Pete, and I had luckily made another high score, but I should have kept it until someone beat 621.

  8. Pete, are you lying? It just seems like you ALWAYS have the high score no matter how many people post really high ones.

  9. I’ll try to post them tomorrow.

  10. What? I thought I’d posted both lists earlier today! I can’t post them right now because a lot of stuff has changed. Rock GUITAR, are you lying? Don’t be a liar. Tell us if you lied.

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