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Pee Wee’s Nightmare!

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One gloomy October evening, Pee Wee went to bed early. He set his alarm for 6 a.m. because he had to get to school for The Big Test. He had studied hard, but he was still nervous … SO nervous, in fact, that he tossed and turned all night, trapped in a nightmare. You can help! Get Pee Wee through his nightmare and into peaceful dreamland. With enough rest, he’s sure to ace the test.

Pee Wee’s Nightmare! was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Pee Wee’s Nightmare!”

  1. jinglewhips says:


  2. zombie dude 500 says:


  3. awesome101 says:

    so hard

  4. CONNORATOR says:

    its so hard i got an f- lol it isnt real

  5. MVSR says:

    Just like a video game, except not as addicting. Just quit before I even reached the end.

  6. Black Dragon says:

    This game is sweet, sweet dreams that is. (evil laughter)

  7. Pedro says:

    F- on Sweet Dreams. And I thought this game was going to be easy.

  8. star wars fan says:


  9. Jimbob says:

    I got C+ on sweet dreams and I got to the DREAMLAND!!! I can’t get any further for some reason.

  10. mike says:

    i did not need to use air dash at all

  11. mice says:

    i got a+ night terror

  12. wierdo says:

    b on nightmare!

  13. ashdude says:

    I love this game!

  14. pedro says:

    I hate night terror

  15. EPIC says:

    a+ on night terror!


  16. cheese says:

    B+ on sweet dreams

  17. star wars fan says:


  18. super david 64 says:

    f- sooo sad on sweet dreams

  19. star wars fan says:


  20. star wars fan says:

    d- on sw

  21. yeerk slug says:

    C on Nightmare

  22. Person says:

    I got a F-

  23. Jake says:

    I got a D- on sweet dreams

  24. Dominic says:

    B on Sweet Dreams.

  25. Fluke Dude says:

    ok ok we all have to admit this games rules over all others

  26. better than you says:

    I will pray this won’t happen to me.

  27. supagama says:

    night terror i got a+

  28. rockafella guy says:

    i heart dis game

  29. Gemmaster40 says:

    B+ on nightmare

  30. Gemmaster40 says:

    B on sweet dreams

  31. 1 says:

    d on night terror

  32. cool s says:

    could not get past 1ST level

  33. pfargtal says:

    i just lost

  34. dot says:

    i think its cool!

  35. zapbot says:

    I got a B on sweet dreams

  36. me says:

    c- on night terror!!!

  37. jediguy says:

    c- on sweet dreams

  38. jediguy says:

    d+ on nightmare

  39. Story maker says:

    A+ on sweet dreams

  40. storybirder says:

    B on Sweet Dreams.

  41. jklxcjz says:

    c on sweet dreams.

  42. VideoGameWizard says:

    B+ on Night Terrors! Not Bad!

  43. Derby Town Racing Boss says:

    I got A- on sweet dreams and B+ on Night terror

  44. troop121 says:

    keep dying on hardest setting

  45. storybirder says:

    I got B on sweet dreams

  46. storybirder says:

    B- on Sweet Dreams

  47. wiiplayer says:

    c+ on sweet dreams

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