Comments about “Scout Bowling”

  1. Minecraft2013 says:

    it’s too hard!

  2. Cooltimo says:

    136 and that is also my troop number :)

  3. bob says:

    300 3 times in a row!!!! BEAT THAT

  4. :( Cant Play says:

    Hey what keys do I press to get it to play?

  5. ninjablade says:

    got 5 strikes in a row

  6. AwesomeDudeX5 says:

    It’s a little hard, but once you get the hang of it, it keeps getting easier and easier.

  7. oh ya says:

    Got 1,000,000,000,000 on first try ha ha ha ha! :P

  8. Jon says:

    Beat 202-if you can!!!!!!!!

  9. mbmoser says:

    how do you start?!?!?!

  10. G says:

    Beat 176-if you can!!!

  11. jimmybob says:

    I got nine trikes and a spare

  12. dragon night says:

    248 all on 10 out of all

  13. nailer says:

    i got bored after 10 miutes

  14. spiller says:


  15. legolover132 says:

    how do u start?

  16. luke says:

    I got 102

  17. Wokabooma 57 says:

    Score: 287
    Your goal: Beat that

  18. smellycat 12589 says:

    easy! 7 strikes in a row with 247 points!

  19. i tie says:

    got 153. look at my name.

  20. cheese says:

    i got 8 strikes in a row!

  21. i win says:

    153 beat that.

  22. likesomething says:


  23. legoboy says:

    The game is hard at first.

  24. Anonymous says:


  25. Herobrine Hunter says:


  26. adopolus1234 says:

    220 ,7 strikes in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. hi says:

    i cant get it to work someone comment back on how to work it!

  28. haha says:

    my score 202

  29. awesome!!!!! says:

    I got 7 in strikes a row!!

  30. jones says:

    i got a turkey.

  31. ely says:

    i top 100

  32. frank says:

    It is easy when you get the hang of it. I got 4 strikes in a row.

  33. Buff Guy says:

    It is a well thought game however, it is very hard to control.

  34. wasabi warrior says:

    If you make sure you dont move your mouse to the left or right after you get a strike, you will keep getting them

  35. copper wopper says:

    I do not know how t play it

  36. Shadow says:

    cool hard to control low

  37. charlie says:

    i dont like it its hard to throw theball

  38. pickles says:

    i dont really like it its hard to control

  39. sleepy says:

    it,s ok

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