Comments about “Scout Bowling”

  1. Ninja8554 says:

    126. I’m so boss at this!

  2. tecrafter64 says; says:

    i beat 64 Yeah.

  3. 9th grade ninja says:

    guess what 9k beat that!!!

  4. calabunga says:

    the game is kinda boring but my score was:320

  5. Yeah says:

    LOL! The first time, I got a LOT of strikes (8) and the second time, my score was 64! Can anyone beat 64 as a worst score?

  6. Yeah says:

    I kept on getting strikes XD (That’s when you hit all of the pins in one try)

  7. kitten says:

    my score was 468 beat that! :]

  8. Wokabooma says:

    255 I win.

  9. alabama rules says:


  10. Chris says:

    All strikes!!! YES!!!!

  11. roboman says:

    BORING! ):<

  12. annoyed says:

    i totally STINK !!!

  13. YES!!!! says:

    five strikes!!!

  14. big sister says:

    two x’s +a spare

  15. wolferine says:

    great game

  16. turbo says:

    First time ever playing scout bowling i got 74 points. How do you get such a high score ?

  17. bowler says:

    guess what? 261!

  18. LeeLee says:

    This game STINKS! It’s WAY to HARD!!!!!!!!!!

  19. mr scout says:

    aim in the midlle, and you will strike all 10.(not every time,but almost all the time)

  20. rolltide says:

    what do you call it when you get 5 strikes in a row

  21. rolltide says:

    can you top 179

  22. tiger says:

    I got a 400. BEAT THAT!

  23. Ty says:

    I got a turkey ‘ironicly’

  24. what ever says:

    500!!!!!!!!!!! I am awesome but this game is kind of boring

  25. Pee-Wee Harris says:


  26. rootbeer lover says:

    NICE! AT 116!!!!

  27. popster says:

    Guess what , I got 174

  28. lololo says:

    221 I just did terrible

  29. Anonymous says:

    I hate the game

  30. jazz13 says:

    6 strikes, 4 spares, 285

  31. Lego Master says:


  32. nat says:

    i dont know how 2 do this!!!!!!!!!

  33. rinolisous says:

    I got a turkey, guys! And, yo yo, I don’t believe that you got all strikes :-( but that’s still impressive if you did. :-\

  34. rexh17 says:

    it is too hard

  35. meeeeee says:

    183 total 5 strikes in all

  36. cleopatra says:

    this game is kinda boring :/

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