Comments about “Pedro’s Horseshoes  ”

  1. lunar coyote says:

    you’re right xplant.

  2. Lunar Wolf says:

    Fun but easy:)

  3. hit it says:

    29 to 0 i win

  4. DA MAN OF DA WORLD says:

    I beat pedro 36-1

  5. me23 says:

    I bet him 49-7 :> :]:)

  6. bluebandit says:

    I bated him me:25 Pedro:11

  7. spongebob says:

    i beat pedro 100-0

  8. pedro lover says:

    i beat the best burro in the world;PEDRO 10-0!

  9. jj says:

    i beat him on easy 15-2

  10. scoutboy says:

    i beat pedro 24 to 7 on hard

  11. junglefurybullranger says:

    i beat pedro

  12. Skipper says:

    AWSOME game:)

  13. eat you says:

    beat him on easy 17-3 :p

  14. A man says:

    Its asowme

  15. Peetwee says:

    don’t like this (^^^)

  16. mike says:

    beat him 75-1

  17. firefox says:

    Beat him 25 times on hard

  18. 007 says:

    easy!!!!!!! i beat him 5 times in a row

  19. Xplant says:

    It gets Boring after a while…

  20. A.Z.boy says:

    beat him on easy 12-0 :]

  21. sharpshot says:

    25 to 8!I won.

  22. $lushy says:

    And hard is just a little bit harder.

  23. $lushy says:

    So is medium.

  24. indiana jones says:

    Pedro beat me 10 to 1 on easy!!!

  25. Herogun says:

    It’s fun.

  26. reader says:

    :lol: okay game

  27. random man says:

    32 to 3 on hard!!!!!

  28. The rock says:

    This game is too easy.

  29. odd ball says:

    to easy

  30. joebob says:

    i won, 9 to 4 on hard

  31. The rock says:

    This game is easy.

  32. joe says:

    i won 10 round hard 36 to 11

  33. n+ says:

    pedro eyes do look weird if you win

  34. BengBen says:

    On hard I got 55 and Pedro got 0

  35. superdude22 says:

    Easy,medium,and hard. I ruled this horseshoe game! 20 rounds each, it’s so hard to stop playing!

  36. ghgtf says:

    pedro’s eyes look kinda wierd if you win.

  37. king kong says:

    it was easy 46-23 i did the hard level.

  38. joe says:

    i won perdo by 45 pts.

  39. u2 says:

    i love it soooo

  40. jtxatxbtx says:

    i dominated with a Q

  41. iuiuiuiy says:

    i got 42-9 on hard 20 rounds

  42. PedroFan36 says:

    I love horseshoes and Pedro is awesome so this i s my favorite game!

  43. glaxphere says:

    I won 41-9 on hard without reading the instructions! I promise! 20 rounds

  44. glaxphere says:

    And 20 rounds

  45. glaxphere says:

    I won 41-9 on hard without reading the instructions! I promise!

  46. King Lion says:

    I won 39-4 at hard at 20 rounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. spdgoldranger says:

    spdgoldranger status

    miss: 1 misses
    in pole: 1 poles
    rank: low man

  48. mystery guy says:

    I beat Pedro in all three levels:easy,meduim, and hard.Though only in five rounds

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