Comments about “Pedro’s Horseshoes  ”

  1. smart boy says:

    6 to 8 on hard. ouch!

  2. smart boy says:

    37 to 16. i won but so bad. ouch! it was 20 rounds.

  3. smart boy says:

    11 to 3.not that good.

  4. bigguy4 says:

    I creamed Pedro in the medium level! i’m gonna try the hard now.

  5. Speedy the Great says:

    I started out a little behind Pedro, but…..VICTORY,SWEET VICTORY! I beat Pedro! 38-14!

  6. brother of eagle. says:

    so easey!!!!! perfect score 120-0!!!

  7. KATZ says:

    I won,round 5 on medium 21 to 0!

    Reply if better.

  8. Darth Bob says:

    !! :P !!I Won 32-8! I’s so easy!! :-) !! :D !!

  9. dui says:

    23-6 I won

  10. Alfrond says:

    This game stinks

  11. double x says:

    pedro cheats

  12. big t says:

    11-3. beat hiim

  13. gotyas says:

    187.12% game 50 ringers out of 5 rounds

  14. gotyas says:

    99-0 won 20 rounds

  15. the jackster 2000 says:

    i got 10 ringrs in a row. beat that!

  16. claw says:

    this game STINKS!!!

  17. Bud says:

    pedro 10 me 1 :cry:

  18. pack107 says:

    it is to easy

  19. rjh says:

    i bet you purple sweater donkey

  20. thinker says:

    i always do easy. this game is so fun. with 5rounds or 10rounds he mostly doesn’t get a ringer. in 20rounds he is just a pinch harder than 10rounds. it seems like if you do a certain goodness at the 2 throws than he tries to do just a pinch badder.

  21. zackatack says:

    i got 54

  22. Nick B says:

    easy with 20 rounds mann

  23. handy manny says:

    awesome game rock on pedro

  24. luke skywalker forever says:

    I WON medium 10 rounds 22 to 3

  25. scooterboy says:

    This game is so easy!

  26. ME says:

    Super fun game, but I think Pedro is cheating.

  27. KATZ says:

    medium round 10

    My score 40
    Pedro’s score 0

  28. Chris 101 says:

    I played and I got 53 points while Pedro got only 8.

  29. spongebob says:


  30. carkie says:

    I had two ringers in the same place!

  31. Mean2U says:

    My grandpa won this game on the first try on level Hard.

  32. Speedy says:

    I won 23-0 on hard with five rounds!Reply if beat.

  33. taco1234567890 says:

    This game is awsome I did 20 rounds and I won!me 36 pedro 8

  34. HippieScout151 says:

    My favorite BL game!!

  35. funny man says:

    I won 31-0 on hard with 10 rounds. Reply if beat.

  36. bser says:

    pedros so bad i got 220000

  37. Pedro says:

    I keep losing against old Grandpa!

  38. old grampa says:

    pedro 11 old grampa 55 20 rds hard

  39. old grampa says:

    hard 39 to 12 me

  40. spongebob says:

    Its fun I love it

  41. a dude says:

    round 20…
    my score 31
    Pedro’s score 20

    I love this game!!!

  42. bassman says:

    me 19 pedro 5

  43. faint67 says:

    me 44 pedro 18 20 round hard

  44. Percy Jackson says:

    I won!

  45. Cowface says:

    19-0 hard 5 rounds reply if u got more

  46. doglover37 says:

    i won! pedro got 0 points,and i got 10(in a 5 round easy game)

  47. ToTo says:

    i won 12 to 0

  48. cairus says:

    39-17 on easy 20 rounds

  49. smart boy says:

    81.1.i won.

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