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  1. smarti786 says:

    YES! Beat Pedro on 20 round hard level 36 – 14. I agree with bebe777 – this is an awesome game!

  2. bebe777 says:

    beat pedro 18 – 2 on hard level. great game

  3. Megalodon says:

    20 rounds
    Me: 18
    Pedro: 9
    So easy! :)
    Pedro stinks (no offence)

  4. Cubscout says:

    pow!20-0 :) :()

  5. Doc says:

    12-0 Pedro is never ever ever ever ever going to get a ringer.
    Easiest game ever, ever ever ever.

  6. awesomeness says:

    my score,33
    pedros score,32

  7. awesomeness says:

    14-5 yay i won

  8. crash says:

    14 TO 0 I SKUNKED HIM !!!!!!!!

  9. awsome3202 says:

    eighty to nothing! take that pedro

  10. Cubscout says:

    20-1 (I win) I’m cool :)

  11. WeBeLoS says:

    Pedro should pick another hobbie:)

  12. jason0115 says:

    ME 10-1 PEDRO I WON!!!:) :)

  13. jason0115 says:

    I WON :)

  14. jason0115 says:


  15. bubdubber says:

    71-1 Wow this is to easy!

  16. Dominic says:

    I got round #5

    Me:18 points

    So easy each time I play Pedro’s Horseshoes.

  17. john117 says:

    Level: Hard
    Rounds: 20
    Me: 42


  18. Kylito says:

    27 to 2. Gosha!

  19. da beast says:

    Rounds: 5
    Level: Medium
    Whooped him by 10

  20. ringerman says:

    like the game needs more of a challenge like were two can play.

  21. knothead says:

    Mine:9 Pedro:1 Level: Easy Number Of Rounds.5

  22. crash says:

    8 TO 0 I SKUNKED HIM!!!

  23. Grampadee says:

    I beat him 65 to 3 on 20 hard

  24. Pepperthechessmaster1 says:

    I got
    PEDRO: 10

  25. dsa says:

    to hard

  26. cool man says:

    toooo easy

  27. cooldude says:

    This is reallly easy

  28. ryasfcm says:

    i beat pedo on hard 14-0

  29. smarti786 says:

    What a comeback victory! I wad was down 8 on the 17th round on hard level but rallied to tie it at 27 on the 19th round. I then made two ringers to finish the game and beat Pedro!

  30. master of ds says:

    Three ringers in a row!!!!!!!

  31. fake lake says:

    I beat him 18 to 0 on hard with 10 rounds!!!!!!!

  32. Carbison says:


  33. cubsfan6 says:

    Rounds: 10
    My Score: 15
    Pedro’s Score: 9
    Level: Hard

  34. cubsfan6 says:

    My score: 8
    Pedro’s score: 2
    Level: Medium

  35. jason0115 says:

    i beat pedro
    me: 26 points
    pedro: 10 points

  36. pikachu987 says:

    so hard!

  37. Mailburro+Alfalfa= Pedro says:

    Pedro stinks (no affence)

  38. #1STAR!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    19-0 EEseWin

  39. Anonymous says:

    i always get ringers lol

  40. west says:

    This is the best game ever.

  41. BJ says:

    64 to 4 on HARD. To Easy!

  42. gotyas says:

    i did 100% in shoes

  43. #1 baseball fan says:

    I won 22 to 0 on 5 rounds and medium

  44. johnathan says:

    COOL! :)

  45. jman says:

    46-6 I BEAST!!!

  46. #1STAR!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    3 WINS!! IN A ROW!!!! THIS TIME 10 -3 ON HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. #1STAR!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


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