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  1. Bigfoot says:

    54-0 me

  2. Endangered Animal101 says:

    I beat Pedro 66 – 9! easy 20 rounds

  3. oddsox says:

    In medium 10 rounds I beat Pedro 29-1.Wo- ho!

  4. wasabi warrior says:

    played pedro on easy won 56-0 then played him on medium beat him 32-12 then played him on hard won 10-6 NO ONE BEATS THE WASABI WARRIOR!!!!!!!!!

  5. oaoaoaoaoi says:

    For the very first time ever I lost this game! I played hard, 20 round. I lost the game 35-13. What’s wrong with me? I never lose!

  6. chuck says:

    beat him 24-3 hard 20 rounds

  7. i don't have a name says:

    i beat him 18 to 5 in ten rounds!!!!!! its hard but fun!!!!!!

  8. scorpion king says:

    It was so fun!

  9. tennisace says:


  10. tennisace says:

    9-8 on medium

  11. J.D. says:

    10-1, easy.

  12. z boy says:

    39-20 on hard in 20 rounds and I won!

  13. z boy says:

    13-5. hard. 5 rounds. I won!

  14. z boy says:

    8-7. med. 5 rounds. I won!

  15. Anonymous says:

    7ringers in a row. 22-1

  16. gggg says:

    he beat me 1-14

  17. toilet paper man says:

    i got 21 points

  18. z boy says:

    on hard,I got 12 points. pedro got 5 points. it was in 5 rounds. I won!

  19. z boy says:

    games on easy:3 wins;3 ,games on meduim ;1 wins:1, games on hard:2, wins;2. all wins!

  20. hotmomma says:

    Pedro got a ringer.
    maybe he ate more alfalfa.

  21. dude says:

    boring game

  22. weirdoman says:

    Won pedro on hard 23-2 easy!

  23. super says:

    Me 15 Pedro 0 level hard

  24. p says:

    p=14 ped=00 LV1

  25. The Robot says:

    3ed time I’ve played and I won!!!! 10 to 0

  26. andy says:

    55 to 1 i am beast

  27. CRESS356 says:

    I won!!!

    Pedro is a sucker!!! Da, da da da da

  28. FJ107 says:

    easy!!! i beat him 7-2

  29. 56bull7 says:

    My score : 9
    Pedro’s score : 7
    Diffuculty : Medium
    Rounds : 5
    I’m not good at this.

  30. bubby says:

    i beat him

  31. Hanstarkiller says:

    My score: 20
    Pedro’s Score: 0
    Difficulty: Easy
    Rounds: 5

  32. Josh says:

    IT WAS EASY:)!!!!!!!!!!

  33. me says:

    i got :o haha

  34. super says:

    I beat Pedro 7-3 on hard.

  35. Anonymous says:

    My score:
    Pedro’s score:
    Somethings wrong with Pedro. He should get a ringer for once. Maybe he should drink more Alfalfa.

  36. jason0115 says:

    Jason0115 WINS!
    29-16 20 rounds EAZY

  37. super says:

    I beat Pedro on hard 15-0

  38. gadams99 says:

    11 (me) to 1: hard

  39. super says:

    I have beat Pedro 5 out of 6 times on the hard level.

  40. hoytojk456 says:

    After beating Pedro 16 times on the hard level, alas, my streak is over. Pedro wins on hard level 18 – 6

  41. wacky says:

    i crushed pedro 54-1 I AM AMAZING

  42. wacky i wooped pedro says:

    on an easy five rounds i beat him 16-0

  43. skunk says:

    i let pedro eat my victorious dust I ROCK

  44. wowgamer says:

    wow pedro and i totally canceled out eack time so it was 0-0

  45. wacked up says:

    i played an almost perfect 20 roud game 118-2

  46. wacky says:

    i turned pedro into creamed alfalfa and whiped him up 47-5

  47. pittsburghpeepers says:

    i rock. on 20 rounds hard i squished pedro: 35-17

  48. wacky says:

    i whiipped pedro 30-18 0n hard

  49. iblis says:

    My Score:16
    Pedro’s Score:0

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