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  1. stalechip08 says:

    Level: Easy

    Mine: 11

    His: 1

    Pretty fun, but it gets a little boring after a little while

  2. Boy Scout 97 says:

    Fun!!!!!!!! my score on hard was 90 points, Pedro’s score was 69.

  3. franky says:

    it was fun i made it throu all 20 LEVELS on medium/hard but they should of made hard harder.

  4. BadgerCam says:

    I got to be the first to rate this and I gave it a 5! I love this game!

  5. uiyi says:

    pedro looks kinda weird

  6. champ says:

    120 on hard

  7. BadgerCam says:

    This game is easy! I got:

    Level: Hard

    Round: 10

    My Score: 70

    Pedros Score: 4

  8. Jalen24Kobe says:

    10 ROUNDS I GOT 81

  9. COOL DUDE 10 says:

    5 ROUNDS 24

  10. NG123 says:

    Level: Hard

    Rounds: 20

    My Score: 32

    Pedro’s Score: 21

  11. walkincomputa says:

    That was easy. i got 19

    pedro:none on hard for five rounds.

  12. M.K. says:

    Level: Hard

    Rounds: 10

    My Score: 35

    Pedro’s score: 2

  13. S.C.Sarina says:

    Level: Medium

    Round: 5

    My Score: 18

    Pedro’s Score: 0

  14. NG123 says:

    Level: Hard

    Rounds: 5

    My Score: 12

    Pedro’s Score: 5

  15. beary says:

    i win 13-0 on hard

  16. Negative says:

    rigged gives pedro an advantage im lucky i got like 6 ringers

  17. EEEEAAAASSSSYYYY!!!! says:

    I beat Pedro 11 to 0 on hard (five rounds)!!!!! Beat that!

  18. Tiger64 says:

    won 9 to 1 on hard in 5 rounds

  19. tiger63 says:

    too easy

  20. r34kokoman says:

    Alright her’s the scorebord Round20 Myscore51 pedro’s score6 level:medium

  21. beary says:

    65-2 meduin

  22. lego head says:

    46-2 on hard 20 rounds I won

  23. me says:

    easy but fun

  24. 55555 says:

    i got 2 ringers in hard mode in one turn

  25. Ringer master says:

    Guys,it is only a game.It does not matter who wins or loses,the most important part is that we have fun and good sportsmanship because how will you feel if somebody calls you a loser——–sad,right?

  26. ZMan says:

    31-1 10 Rounds! Usually I get better ;-(

  27. gorillafeak says:

    20 rounds: 129, zip, zop, zilch, zero,

  28. Meerkat says:

    I beat Pedro 16 – 0 on hard

  29. iop says:

    I beat pedro 25 to 9

  30. cubscout00000000000000001 says:

    i beat pero 29 to 4.

  31. The Masked Booby says:

    64-5, easy, 20 rounds. This game is WAY easy on easy.

  32. guy says:

    I beat Pedro 70 to zilch on easy

  33. winner says:

    i beat Pedro 18 to 6 on hard

  34. qwertynom says:

    i beat pedro 50 to 8 on easy

  35. somebody says:

    pedro really needs to exercise his reflexes and his mucles:) i beat him 8 to 3

  36. LOL says:

    19 vs. 0 Hard. 5 Rounds.

  37. Me says:

    This game is EASY!

  38. joecool says:

    this is sticks i hate it

  39. codegreen1 says:

    I won 63 to 1 in easy 20 rounds!

  40. Joe Smiley says:

    28 vs 3…10 rounds

  41. mrjimmie says:

    My SISTER beat pedro 15:4 that’s how easy this game is!!!

  42. ringer1000000000000000 says:

    I won against petro 111 to 3. On hard.

  43. Stephen says:

    I got 30 on easy with 5 rounds.

  44. Peedroa Beeter says:

    I never lost a single game this year, although I almost lost some games.

  45. 904 says:

    I won 10-2! 5 rounds, hard level! So simple!

  46. walkin computa says:

    i think this game is easy. 29 to 1. hope you beat me next match, pedro.

  47. boo says:

    i won 19 to0

  48. paul is cool says:

    31 to4

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