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  1. dude the first comic was not cool…..i think the comics are better in the magezine! 8)

  2. pengwin 231098 // August 14, 2007 at 7:57 pm // Reply

    my comic is whar pee wee makes a potshin to make him a strong six pac guy but win he drinks it he turns into pedro and every one is scared and runs away do you guys thik thats funny?

  3. it needs more things

  4. Oh, and right after I submitted the previous comment, my comic got DELETED!!! Awful…I’ll just make another one!! :)

  5. Um…it’s great and all but everyone’s right. It definitely needs MUCH more emotions/characters/backgrounds. It would also be pretty sweet if you could have sound buttons, that you click and you hear applause, or gasping, laughter, etc.

  6. this is cool

  7. Cool cool and coolest

  8. I wish I could save this

  9. Coolness…

  10. comic creator is cool, but it need some more options, like print, save to disk, and more!

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