Comments about “Merit Badge Challenge”

  1. goobly says:

    sigh…i only got 165 – very hard but fun!

  2. pinochio says:


  3. pop says:

    never mind its hard but fun.

  4. pop says:

    love it!!!

  5. jman says:

    I got a lot of them right

  6. monkey boy says:

    I just got to level 2.

  7. K says:

    this game is hard they should at least give a clue what the word is

  8. Wolf dude says:

    GRRRRRRREAT Also very fun and Very chalenging but its hard

  9. D.T.A says:

    i just got 7,000 poyntz!!!!!!!

  10. billythekid says:

    i got 600,000

  11. Killa says:

    this game is good but i only got 325=(

  12. Killa says:

    i only got 380 but the game is awsome and mammal study is a badge ergs.

  13. nyyanks00 says:

    type a e i o u then n

  14. REECE-ROO says:

    not fun

  15. butterball says:

    i lovit it!!!

  16. asd says:


  17. ergs says:

    Is Mammal Study even a merit badge? We are mammals,and we study about ourselfs.

  18. the flash says:

    I dont have any merit badges!

  19. troopmaster says:

    Type in a i e o u and then press c g and that should give you a good start

  20. cool guy says:

    not fun!!!!!!!!

  21. dry says:


  22. oreo2 says:

    advice: think about the merit bages there are!

  23. funny guy says:

    believe me, but I do not know about merit badges

  24. cam says:

    it is so hard

  25. eaglebound says:

    I got 1130!

  26. chi says:

    coll! game i am a boyscout and my score was 9087

  27. go panthers says:

    cool game my brother is a boyscout

  28. monkeyman says:

    love this game

  29. Bobjoe600 says:


  30. SirCaptainSkipper says:

    EZ if you know your merit badges.

  31. Potato says:

    My score was 1,750

  32. cheezbraeenn says:


  33. hunt says:

    I got 1,999

  34. beybladegeek says:

    where the heck does our favorite burro go when he falls in?

  35. beybladegeek says:

    jeez, it is so hard and lame

  36. cheesepants says:

    750 people

  37. cheesepants says:


  38. MONKeY says:

    I Got 654!!!!!!!!!

  39. Paperboy says:

    Fun with a capital F!

  40. Squid says:

    It took me forever to guess one… then I relized I have it already. :)

  41. justintime says:

    i got 897

  42. justintime says:

    golf is a merit badge? O_O

  43. Chickmagnet says:

    9,917,839 thanks for the tips

  44. soxfan says:

    I got 540!

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