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  1. Rockstar53 says:

    3786! Beat that!

  2. reader says:

    this is way to slow and doesnt move fast enough on the boat:(

  3. dude says:

    fun. easy, but fun ;)

  4. johnny boy says:

    I got 513 on lv. 2. (p.s. its awsome!)

  5. MASTER BALLER says:


  6. wolf says:


  7. ken says:

    it was very good game

  8. ghost says:

    I won the game.

  9. funbun says:

    gilbert I also lost on level 2

  10. gilbert says:

    it was okay i lost on level 2 the rafters make funny noises when they fall out.

  11. the master says:

    it is cool but the levels are way to long

  12. cool3000 says:

    gets boring after a while

  13. ladies man says:

    its cool

  14. MOOSe says:

    Thanks for the tip eagleman

  15. Eagleman says:

    This is a fun game and here’s a tip:If you have to hit something,slow down and hit it straight on. If you hit it on the side, you will lose a player

  16. Eagleman says:

    Huck Finn, this is to you………….GAME,AWSOME, MUSIC AWSOME

  17. josh says:

    i hate this game i onlee made it passed 1-4 things and then i hit something and 1-2-3-4 fell out

  18. sout469 says:

    Idont like this game

  19. SCOUT-X says:

    I had a great time playin this!!!

  20. awesome andrew browns fan says:

    if you hold down the mouse, you’ll go faster just make sure you don’t steer and hold down the mouse against the current and crash, if you do, you’ll lose a rafter

    this game is awesome! I got a score of 391,893,741,974,679,127,339,477

  21. ajb says:

    it’s OK I like levels 2 and 3 because they’re very fast

  22. cracker says:

    it ROCKS!

  23. Huck finn says:

    the game was fun. music LAME

  24. supercool says:

    this game stinks

  25. Samonerd says:

    ‘s pretty good

  26. Stealth77 says:

    Its pretty fun.

  27. Super Christopher says:

    I love this game!

  28. bob saget says:

    this game is really hard and tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. jumba565656 says:


  30. nukeskout says:

    Couldn’t I just use a kayak??

  31. Robin says:

    It happened again! This time I scored 2853 at level 7. Typed my initial ROB. I submitted the result. A red arrow flashes at number 9 on the best 10 score (9. ROB 2853). I played again as instructed. But, after the game, ROB does not appear in the top 10 score!

  32. law says:

    1704 WOW first time level 6 fun

  33. Robin says:

    I’ve scored 2860 at level 7. Typed my initial ROB. A red arrow flashes at number 9 on the best 10 score (9. ROB 2860). I exited the game. When I sign in the Whitewater Rafting game later, ROB does not appear in the top 10 score.

  34. Negative says:

    Lame music

  35. Robin says:

    Blow me down! Has my skill improved a lot or has the computer sensitivity gone a bit insensitive? I’ve actually scored 2341 at level 6. One rafter thrown overboard at level 2 (oh no), and three rafters hit the drink at level 6. Gee…if I keep this up, I will be joining the rank of the top 10! Watch for my initial Rob soon (I hope).

  36. Robin says:

    I’ve improved yet again from 1482 to 1500 after a nerve recking rafting at level 4! At that level things gets very sensitive. A slight bum on a rock or the bank would cause rafters to be thrown overboard. All of my 4 rafters were thrown overboard at level 4! I would say the music that accompanies the rafting trip is indeed adrenaline pumping.

  37. nature boy86 says:

    This right here is a mighty fine game right here, my score was ’bout 475!

  38. Robin says:

    I’ve improved my score from 1402 to 1482 at level 4. Three rafters got thrown overboard at level 4 itself!

  39. Hobbs says:

    I got to Level 2 without losing a single life. Great game!

  40. Sarina says:

    My highest score is 1318 on level 4!

  41. Robin says:

    My highest score is 1402.

  42. MARINERFREAK101 says:

    my score is 2100

  43. p says:

    my score is 130!

  44. LOSER says:

    I lost on level3. I had 816, how’s that?

  45. someone says:

    you should be abel to steer with the keyboard

  46. xar2673 says:

    powershooter about archery, do you mean Pee Wee’s Archery Challenge?

  47. Crazylegs says:

    I lost at lvl. 2 with 500 pts.

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