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  1. this game stinks

  2. ‘s pretty good

  3. Its pretty fun.

  4. Super Christopher // September 24, 2008 at 5:33 pm // Reply

    I love this game!

  5. this game is really hard and tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. jumba565656 // July 28, 2008 at 9:06 pm // Reply


  7. Couldn’t I just use a kayak??

  8. It happened again! This time I scored 2853 at level 7. Typed my initial ROB. I submitted the result. A red arrow flashes at number 9 on the best 10 score (9. ROB 2853). I played again as instructed. But, after the game, ROB does not appear in the top 10 score!

  9. 1704 WOW first time level 6 fun

  10. I’ve scored 2860 at level 7. Typed my initial ROB. A red arrow flashes at number 9 on the best 10 score (9. ROB 2860). I exited the game. When I sign in the Whitewater Rafting game later, ROB does not appear in the top 10 score.

  11. Lame music

  12. Blow me down! Has my skill improved a lot or has the computer sensitivity gone a bit insensitive? I’ve actually scored 2341 at level 6. One rafter thrown overboard at level 2 (oh no), and three rafters hit the drink at level 6. Gee…if I keep this up, I will be joining the rank of the top 10! Watch for my initial Rob soon (I hope).

  13. I’ve improved yet again from 1482 to 1500 after a nerve recking rafting at level 4! At that level things gets very sensitive. A slight bum on a rock or the bank would cause rafters to be thrown overboard. All of my 4 rafters were thrown overboard at level 4! I would say the music that accompanies the rafting trip is indeed adrenaline pumping.

  14. nature boy86 // April 4, 2008 at 10:56 pm // Reply

    This right here is a mighty fine game right here, my score was ’bout 475!

  15. I’ve improved my score from 1402 to 1482 at level 4. Three rafters got thrown overboard at level 4 itself!

  16. I got to Level 2 without losing a single life. Great game!

  17. My highest score is 1318 on level 4!

  18. My highest score is 1402.

  19. MARINERFREAK101 // February 7, 2008 at 7:13 pm // Reply

    my score is 2100

  20. my score is 130!

  21. I lost on level3. I had 816, how’s that?

  22. you should be abel to steer with the keyboard

  23. powershooter about archery, do you mean Pee Wee’s Archery Challenge?

  24. I lost at lvl. 2 with 500 pts.

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