Comments about “Whitewater Rafting  ”

  1. Monkey Man says:

    A little hard but very fun

  2. booya21 says:

    lol i love how when u crash a rafter will go *spelunk*”awwww!” ;)

  3. kris98 says:

    I did horrible.

  4. sixpackswimmer says:

    Really boring

  5. h11 says:

    ido not like this game

  6. deathsentence 321.... says:

    sort of boring because it’s the same over and over again only faster.

  7. boy127 says:

    score 3497

  8. the awsome guy says:

    It’s OK

  9. bandiad says:

    lvl4 killlllled me

  10. halo says:

    lvl 2 480points

  11. mike says:

    i got 507

  12. bowserpq says:

    i don’t like this game!

  13. pedro boy1 says:

    lvl 1!!!!!100% BAD

  14. jediknight says:

    Not very fun.

  15. jediknight says:

    Not that fun.

  16. greek geek says:

    This is awsome!!

  17. ninja 64205 says:

    score 395

  18. J says:

    This is fun

  19. dustin says:

    ahh boring

  20. ?Unknown? says:

    Its okey.

  21. sammey says:

    it is the best

  22. spongey says:

    did terrible

  23. bob says:

    not fun at ALL TOO SLOW

  24. pizza guy says:

    937 its challenging but fun

  25. bser says:

    this isnt anything like real rafting

  26. a carrot says:

    very boring. hade to quit at level3 914

  27. DG says:

    man i havnt played this game forever, how the heck did i ever get 3497 before, i yeah i got record for this game but cant do it at all now? lol

  28. Obi Wan says:

    Its okay….

  29. legomaster says:

    i think this is really boring. BOO!!!

  30. JAK123 says:

    Boring game for me!

  31. namurT says:


  32. Your mother says:

    This game isn’t very fun, and pretty much all you can do is crash into stuff. It might just be that I’m not entirely good at this game, but I think jumping, or curves would make this game more fun, including using the keypad instead of the mouse.

  33. sfline says:

    um…bad game!

  34. t-ray jay says:


  35. gabe says:

    it is fun to make it crash

  36. Lukey says:

    403 i hate this

  37. Yowen says:

    I stink at this game!

  38. me says:

    451 beat that

  39. denn says:


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