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  1. dman says:

    this is the worat game ever

  2. ice says:

    it is the best

  3. dj10 says:

    it is impossible to win.

  4. cyclops says:

    i’m winning

  5. CAW says:

    TOO E-A-S-Y!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. red monkey says:

    worst game ever

  7. DaVon says:

    It is 100% borning

  8. Anonymous says:

    its unfair you cant do a shot that you maid your opponet get but they can do it to you

  9. whitemax8 says:

    Imposible! :p

  10. ben says:


  11. lumos10 says:

    how do you get on two online games

  12. The Bagger says:

    Boringly boring. :[

  13. The Bagger says:

    Pretty bad game-too easy.

  14. SCOUT4X4 says:


  15. TYLEE says:

    i fially beat chubb.

  16. evanite says:

    i hate this game

  17. go me says:

    It is sooooo boring. : [

  18. go me says:

    kinda hard.;]

  19. bb says:

    i beated westy

  20. bad boy bronco fan says:

    lame but i beat cubby

  21. xhcvuin x9 BMW says:

    pee wee stinks

  22. xhcvuin x9 BMW says:

    does the other guy ever miss



  24. Mean2U says:

    you guys are right. this game is sort of boring:[

  25. wet dog says:

    so easy can beat every levle with my eyes close

  26. webelo#1says says:


  27. vcxhgftujtfjhtfgbneh says:

    my cousin lost at this game

  28. salsa verde says:

    me no likey!

  29. xdfg says:

    I beat chubb!

  30. tron says:

    maid every shot easily!!!!

  31. kl says:

    this game is boring

  32. Anonymous says:

    worst game in the universe

  33. sickmaster100000.683 says:

    this game is the worst game i have ever played

  34. frizbe says:

    this game is the best game ever it is not boring and westy is the best

  35. tybow42 says:

    o my gosh this game is great

  36. wet dog says:

    beat them all easily

  37. crash says:

    westy is the best.

  38. cubs fan 6 says:

    what the heck.

  39. The Jumping Dude says:

    This is totally hard.

  40. talker says:

    very easy gets a little boring but a good game

  41. billy the kid says:

    very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,very,BORING :[

  42. Scoutmaster Hero says:

    I beat PeeWee

  43. coyboys fan says says:

    never play this game it is boring

  44. Scoutmaster Hero says:

    This game is awesome

  45. Guest 1600 says:

    this rocks

  46. bob says:

    pee wee never misses a basket.

  47. bb says:

    this game is fun

  48. tedroy says:

    boring not gooooooood

  49. Anonymous says:


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