Comments about “Splash Attack”

  1. Raygun 2 says:

    I’m 50/50

  2. pack 614 says:


  3. awesome says:

    this game is awesome

  4. vic says:

    this game is bad

  5. waterballoon says:

    best game ive ever played!

  6. DREW says:

    THIS is awsome

  7. Awesome swimmer says:

    This is VERY boring! Do not try!!!!!!!!!

  8. SPLASH says:

    THIS GAME STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. joebob says:

    :( boring

  10. The Robot says:

    I love splashing people with balloons epesally on hot days, but this game gits really boring. :(

  11. 56bull7 says:

    Pretty good

  12. Rosscuro 27 says:

    Theres nuttin’ better than a Water balloon Fight on the Computer! 4 stars.

  13. storybirder says:

    Okay. :(

  14. Crabby Larry says:

    Really Boring :(

  15. Fire Phoenix says:

    totaly awesome dude

  16. T.W says:

    it was fun

  17. Scuba Man says:

    Fun A little boring

  18. a awsome person says:

    best game ever:)

  19. tele says:

    awesome :)

  20. crash says:


  21. funymany says:

    Love it

  22. N8 says:

    who is the apponent? the astronaut?

  23. wierdo78 says:

    awesome game summer classic

  24. allen says:

    this is the best game.

  25. soren says:

  26. HI OR DIE? says:


  27. pedro op says:

    i like it

  28. noah says:

    orange team just lost on my screen

  29. someone says:

    the cluster ballon should do more damage if more balloons hit

  30. Foo says:

    I sure wish they had this in real life.

  31. no comment says:

    1 player! 1 player!

  32. wildscout says:


  33. luckey guy2 says:

    you know what I mean

  34. fishy says:

    It can be one player, if you don’t mind soaking yourself

  35. star wars battlefront2 says:

    wish it was 1 player :(

  36. justin time says:


  37. pokeman says:

    best game

  38. AJ says:

    This game rocks!!!

  39. cool man says:

    how do i throw?

  40. bob says:

    cool game

  41. baerbaer says:

    well i am ready for a splash

  42. whirlwind von helwick says:

    only 2 person game

  43. booya21 says:

    yawn… bad game…..sorta….. :(

  44. heeshanaw says:


  45. bam-bam says:

    interresting, but not as cool as “Mad Planet”

  46. smart aleck says:

    sweet game

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