Comments about “Splash Attack”

  1. bser says:

    it rocks

  2. caprisun says:

    i beat my borther :D

  3. kick buttowski says:

    the glitch makes you start over. it has happened to me

  4. lazerdude says:

    why does the game HAVE TO GET GLITCHED?!?!

  5. Ducky says:

    that only happens when you have for exsample 50 then you minus 50 exatly.

  6. Peanuts says:

    It was very fun

  7. 1 says:

    i have two words for you: aw – some

  8. ToTo says:

    wat a glitch this is NOT fun!

  9. smack says:

    this game is awesom

  10. Wet Willie says:

    And What Glicth??

  11. Wet Willie says:

    How Come when They hit me, I won’t reload? Anyone????

  12. Yoshi12 says:

    The glitch is lame and i’ve seen it.

  13. cogoto says:

    don`t give up, well 2 people have to play it

  14. passer says:

    I dont have the glitch

  15. firestar says:

    I do not like it

  16. qwt4ege3 says:

    lame gliches


  17. cogoto says:

    i`m the champian

  18. zilwfh says:

    Totaly fun

  19. sfline says:

    Im a total fan of the game!

  20. kimmynikki says:

    this web is really good for boys

  21. viper says:

    this game stinks

  22. fishbone64 says:


  23. Aztec says:

    This game, (Splash Attack) is the funnest game of all of the games.

  24. Weirdman2 says:

    i cant even see my own baloon!

  25. Weirdman2 says:

    What Glitch?

  26. pedrosbiggestfan says:

    me too!

  27. pedro boy1 says:

    i got the glitch to!!!!

  28. nyyanks00 says:

    why isn’t there a game over thing

  29. Aztec says:

    how do you play anyway??!!

  30. fireman51 says:

    Hey how can i get this game on my troop website? Im sure a lot of boys would enjoy the game and the site more

  31. Yoshi Dude says:

    Have you figured out the glitch? I have. If the one team is down by a lot, (5, for example) the game says… Energy=NaN, and Move= NaN. Weird…

  32. duskbdawg says:

    it totally glitches. I rate 1 star! :(

  33. Dream maker says:

    It froze after I won and the I won screen won’t show up.

  34. g man says:

    i can’t believe it even had glitches in the first place

  35. smer21 says:


  36. smer21 says:


  37. evilboys says:

    huh? whyd the game freze?

  38. Mario124 says:

    What glitch?

  39. UnIcYcLiSt says:

    I Got the Glitch too. this game is FUN

  40. tylee says:

    on my conputer
    it allways shoots ballons but you can’t see them.

  41. stephen234 says:

    team 1 won!!I’m happy!

  42. smartman777 says:

    the game freezes when one team loses all of there energy but dosnt get hit

  43. simon says:

    i got the glitch to!!!

  44. says:

    is there 1 player?

  45. Wolf334 says:

    fun but haz a glitch
    okay so i select splash cannon and fire hits the other guys okay, same thing,now i hit the other team with a cluster bomb so its their turn,i go over and the movement says NaN and so does the energy and it doesn,t give me any balloons O.o

  46. dog says says:

    I like this game its fun!!!

  47. nmzx says:


  48. troop 288 says:

    this is awsome

  49. Geo says:

    That was totaly wicked!!!!!☺☺☺☺

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