Comments about “Splash Attack”

  1. lego man says:

    i like it***

  2. cody says:

    keep losing my energy :(

  3. dino man says:

    I love this! It is awsome

  4. will says:

    sometimes i cannot fire it makes a weard noise

  5. racecars says:

    I like this

  6. aroma430 says:

    how in the world do you play this?

  7. bl says:

    It has more problems!!!!

  8. pieguy says:

    i ran out balloons?

  9. micky says:


  10. jojo says:

    HATE IT!!!!!!!

  11. mr.laugh says:

    Each time Team 1 or 2 wins they change different backrounds.

  12. lego fan says:

    IT`S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hammie says:

    I LOVE IT.

  14. Andrew says:

    So Fun

  15. Flamethrower says:


  16. rooster says:

    to booring

  17. bowser pq ak-47 says:

    this is really fun!

  18. Lon COOL DUDE says:

    SO SO easy.

  19. pedro boy1 says:

    100% BAD

  20. m23x says:


  21. Jay says:

    why does everyone keep asking about the glitch? it is so obvious

  22. Striker says:

    I love the splash cannon me and my brother were playing he was better than me:(……at other times i was better than him:)

  23. The Expert says:

    It’s pretty good.

  24. Nate says:

    This game is really good but also kind of lame

  25. MNOKEY says:

    I HATE IT!

  26. billybob123 says:

    it wierd

  27. spoon357 says:

    please dont just skip this cause its long,ok good,now this game gets kinda messed up after a few tries but i think you should be able to buy more water cannons and hire scouts to help you win.

  28. aaddaamm.> says:

    I like the splash cannon

  29. Clone Trooper says:

    So cool.

  30. Splash Attack says:

    To get more total energy:
    Reload until you get the flat road. Start out using one towel from team 1. Move so that the towel energy is gone, but leave 200 energy. Use Splash cannon on other team. Gradually move the teams closer to each other, ending with a Splash Cannon for the end of the turn. Use low angles for more accuracy. After both teams move the max, shoot Splash Cannon until they both always have at least 500 energy and DONE!!!

  31. MUNFMUNFboi says:


  32. claw says:

    THIS stinks!!!!!

  33. banana says:

    I like this game I win every time!!!!!!

  34. bobtj says:

    how do i play

  35. Fudge guy says:

    this is fun

  36. boots'nsaddles says:

    it glitched on me!!

  37. scooterboy says:

    Reply if you agree:).

  38. scooterboy says:

    i LOVE IT! It’s really a cool game! I play both sides by myself!If it glitches on you, just go back to the the games and come back to it. It’s not the end of the world if it glitches!

  39. Anonymous says:

    bad game

  40. turkey says:

    i like this game.
    i rate it 4 stars.

  41. turkey says:

    and i mostly go for blue.

  42. turkey says:

    almost evry time i win :-) .

    but some times i lose :-( .

  43. Lionblaze says:

    I won in 3 shots!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. dgfdsafd says:

    when you move to far apart you cant even shoot the balloon

  45. cool guy $$$ says:

    its ok

  46. lazer boy says:

    They need to make it multi-player if you agree reply

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