Comments about “Pedro’s Ricochet Rumble”

  1. Pokeman says:

    I like the random noises in the music.

  2. mario man says:

    i need help on 8

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beat the game.

  4. lukey says:

    im on leval 10

  5. I love cars says:

    i can not do level 11 help!

  6. mad dog says:

    level 6 is hard to me

  7. mad dog says:

    level 6 is hard

  8. darth vader says:

    love it

  9. BreadFan says:

    This is addicting

  10. monomuchacha says:

    awsome game i love it and the music to it

  11. xander52 says:

    im stuck on level 7

  12. Dynamic Moose says:

    3 stars on ever level! Very fun game…kinda reminds me of Portal.

    Once you beat a level, do it again after you know how to do it and you can get all 3 stars on that level.

  13. Dynamic Moose says:

    3 stars on every level! Very fun game…reminds me a little of Portal.

    Once you get a level beaten, do it again after you know how to beat it in order to get all 3 stars.

  14. lafytafy says:

    beat it. lvl 25 is hard.

  15. yuiop says:

    catchy music :D

  16. I Kinda Cheated says:

    I just kept shooting really fast in all directions. it took about 300 bullets, but i managed to hit it eventually.

  17. Dynamic Moose says:

    Beat it. I like this game very much!

  18. Bob says:

    I can’t even get past level 3.

  19. N8 says:

    this game is fun… although, lvl. 11 is hard

  20. legodude says:

    this is pretty cool.

  21. scouster says:

    how do you beat lv 12?

  22. soren says:


  23. Chuck Norris says:

    I’m stuck on lvl 15 HELP!!!!!!!

  24. Xmen6000 says:

    it is not good

  25. monkey says:

    cool dude

  26. turtle says:

    this is a fun game :)

  27. coolman103 says:

    pedro can fight space crabs but can’t ricochet a ball?

  28. Pedro 27 says:

    Three Stars on all levels!!!

  29. Pedro 27 says:

    Thats not very nice dude. I think Pedro looks cool!

  30. littleman says:

    Pedro looks funny :)

  31. Me says:

    Yes you are, Hero of the Wastes

  32. bigrant says:

    Fun :D

  33. yeerk slug says:

    Ok Lv. 25 is impossible.

  34. 3D$CR@ZY says:

    Why does Pedro look like a baby?

  35. yeerk slug says:

    I’m just about to play this game.

  36. cubmaster says:

    I am at level 15! It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Nic says:

    New game!

  38. I have all the merit badges says:

    THIS GAME IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. FireHawk says:

    Good game. I beat it and I shot thousands of times for fun.

  40. clarky says:

    kinda fun and hard when u get 2 level 18.

  41. The Game Master says:

    Sweet!!! New Game!!! Yay!!!

  42. Pedro 27 says:

    I don’t know why you guys are complaining, but this is awsome!

  43. Hero of the Wastes says:

    Am I the only one who finds this game REALLY easy?

  44. xl999 says:

    its all right.

  45. Missouri Kid says:

    First to Comment!!!

  46. epic dude says:

    im the first to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 123 says:

    pretty good

  48. jesster18 says:

    worst ever:(

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