Comments about “Knight Switch”

  1. Mr. Flarpadoodle says:

    Worst game ever I can’t even start the game, my computer froze because I ran out of space.

  2. dacky maglckly says:

    I can’t even start the game! The start button is stuck!

  3. Yeah says:

    So easy and short–Like all BL’s games!

  4. kung ga says:

    how do you play knite swithch?

    • gugu says:

      You have to have 2 players to play. You need them to get both of the knights on the opposite side they are on.

  5. lol says:

    How do you switch the colors?

  6. led says:

    this is hard.

  7. legomanfan557 says:

    So hard but fun.

  8. sx fcd says:


  9. luke8mj says:

    this is impossible. i switched the colors and nothing happened

  10. kirbyonstereroids says:

    how do complete level 1

  11. help says:

    how do you do this

  12. =) says:

    I was on level 5 with 24870 points and then I lost

  13. jimmybob says:

    I was on level three and about to put the last piece down when “Times Up!”

  14. Aten says:

    1 is easy 2 is hard no clue how to do level 2

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