Comments about “Knight Switch”

  1. Tommy says:

    two hints:
    1) For those who like math: think a little about the Graph Theory

    2) For those who dislike math: rotation.

  2. bannana boy says:

    Got to level 4!!!

  3. ddk says:

    time moves soo fast

  4. Aztec says:

    Can someone tell me how to do this?!

  5. player 1 says:

    There should be a timer but counting up.

  6. a carrot says:

    360 level 2 is hard

  7. qwerty says:

    This game isn’t hard… it’s impossible! cramped! :(:(:(

  8. Chili says:

    way to hard! please no time limit! and maybe more clarification on the instructions?

  9. jday says:

    i can’t do it

  10. rayging says:

    took awile, but i finally got it, just after midnight [THUD] ZZZZZ……

  11. Chess Master says:

    This is the awesomest game on Boy’s Life!

  12. Aztec says:

    Can someone PLEASE explain how to do this?!

  13. Web2 says:

    Hard Hard Hard Hard!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Aztec says:


  15. a boy says:

    i got to level three and was kinda close dang talk about hard

  16. Chess Master says:

    Easy Peasy, I Finished the game like it was no problem

  17. fish34 says:

    this makes no sense someone please explain

  18. Pedro's Sidekick says:

    Too easy at some parts, Too hard at others. Great Game Total!

  19. person says:

    i get it now!!! you have to swith the positions of the black and white knights

  20. person says:

    whoever gets it should explain it to us!!!!!!!!!

  21. caudel says:

    it took 1 hour 2 beat this

  22. redheadsean says:

    you guys are all SO RIGHT!!!! ! ! !

  23. IMBOB says:

    LVL hard

  24. Cooldude3544 says:

    I got the first level at the last second, then somehow won the second one by randomly moving the pieces around, but level three…? :-(

  25. Midoc says:

    i’m on number 5!

  26. The yo-yo master says:

    Agree with MR. funny

  27. Lizard says:

    How do you do this?

  28. zombie32 says:

    this makes no sense

  29. funny says:

    i lost 60 times

  30. waper1215 says:

    Level 1 and 2 were easy, but I couldn’t beat level 3.

  31. i,m stuck says:

    help me

  32. jesster says:

    This is so hard I couldn’t get done with the 1st level.

  33. boyo2 says:

    man this is hard!

  34. 57TROOP7 says:

    I’m =( on #3…

  35. chessmaster says:

    could ony beat lvl 2

  36. broncoboy7 says:

    i rock at chess but this is HARDDDD!!!

  37. jmonster says:

    dosnt make sense

  38. Mr.Funny says:

    I totaly agree with Kman. This is hard Hard HARD!!!!! There should not be a time limit.

  39. fredthefurrypotato says:


  40. kcmake says:


  41. I says:

    this game is hard hard hard.

  42. Boys R cool says:

    I’m good at chess… but this is hard!!!!!!

  43. packattack24 says:

    i can not get past level 3

  44. chicken man says:

    i would of beet the 1st level but, it didn’t count because i did it at the last second.

  45. pedro says:


  46. jojo5 says:

    can someone explain to me the rule of the game

  47. Fire Phoenix 2010 says:

    Finished the game with a score of 40510.

  48. Kman says:

    There sould NOT be a time limt

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