Comments about “Knight Switch”

  1. j says:

    boring & hard

  2. I dont know says:

    a bit challenging but very fun

  3. Eragon Girl says:

    Grr! This game is very frustrating! Grr!

  4. wacky says:

    i dont get it i dont know how to play

  5. The Kid That Loves Computer Games But HATES Video Games says:

    Fun And Addicting And A Mind Puzzle! I LOVE IT!

  6. nick363587 says:

    I beat this hole game in 10 minuts

  7. bigD says:


  8. 15the top says:

    your right,i can`t pass 1

  9. Dynamic Moose says:

    I can get three pieces where they need to be on level 3, but I can’t seem to get the last one on!

  10. ROFLCOPTER says:

    i got to level 3 but i forgot if black goes on orange or on blue or white on orange or blue

  11. odie says:

    i cant beat 1

  12. destroyer says:

    i beat this game win i was 5 i think it was that or i beat the first 5 levles

  13. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  14. cool cat says:


  15. Agent J says:

    Awesomator and COOL are right.

  16. dude101 says:

    bubba tell me how to beat level1 and level 2

  17. ♪♫Music♫♪ says:

    i like it, and will come back to it another time. but right now, it’s not worth my time. maby when summer break comes.

  18. scoutguy228 says:


  19. bob says:

    i got 3610 8-)

  20. GoBigRedMachine says:

    Fun cus it’s challenging

  21. cdog says:


  22. buck9 says:

    You can not do this

  23. Sonic says:

    I agree with boyscout51 to!

  24. argon says:

    this is a logic game and if you play it alot than you would find out that if you mov the black and white pieces in a way that the pices diagonally opposed need to move mirroring each other.
    It is simple really

  25. tom says:

    Boy scout51 is right!!

  26. scout 12 says:

    number one the game is awful number two impossible to beat number three the game would be a lot better if was an actual chess game

    • awesome27 says:

      Dear scout 12 for your information this is a real chess game and it is NOT impossible it is just really really hard.

  27. DJ says:

    Worst game ever and its boring

  28. Diamond 9124 says:

    This game makes no sense. =P

  29. MarioMan says:

    can someone please post how to beat this game?

  30. the dbed says:

    cool game right

  31. ultrasonic2000 says:

    how do you play

  32. boyscout51 says:

    This game does not make any sense.I even read the derections,and it’s impossible

  33. cbb says:

    best game evr

  34. bob123 says:

    how hard is this

  35. mad scout says:

    This game doesn’t make any sense at all

  36. I'll be a loyal scout says:

    what is the point of this game eny way

  37. carson says:

    the worst game in the world

  38. cv says:

    WAYYYY TO HARD./KMAN is rite

  39. greek geek says:

    the worst game on this webzite yet… and that’s saying alot

  40. sneak eyes says:

    awesome but hard

  41. coolgig says:

    it is the werst game ever in my life

  42. whirlwind von helwick says:

    Sorry the game is to hard try a easier game likescouts bowling you can have a IQ of 20 and play that game this game is 4 smart guys like me. level 8.

  43. Random person says:

    tenderfoot#1 is sooo right!!!

  44. Eh says:


  45. fishinglover says:

    Im awesome at checkers but horrible at chess :) :( :p

  46. jk says:

    I can’t submit . A.K.A :P tell me about it tenderfoot (at the bottom)

  47. deadeye says:

    lvl 2 is easier than 1!

  48. bear boy says:

    hard hard hard

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