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Scouts Vs. Aliens!

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Scouts Vs. Aliens was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Scouts Vs. Aliens!”

  1. grim says:

    awesome ive played it 100 times

  2. ODST Rookie says:

    Just finished the game. Heartstopper is the best upgrade – The last enemy has 6,100 life, but he ran into one lightning rod (the first one) and suddenly the game was over! EPIC AWESOMENESS!!!!

  3. ODST Rookie says:

    level 17 = last level = hungry. Beware.

  4. bobtoe says:

    its the most awesome TD game I play

  5. anomynous says:

    how do you beat lvl11 been stuck for a week

  6. MeMyselfandI says:

    any cheats ^_^

  7. SHA-AMM says:

    @omega it always saves its not a glich its YOUR coumputer

  8. jazz13 says:

    Finished ENTIRE game!! boo-ya!

  9. nto says:

    lvl8 is EPIC

  10. stuck says:

    i cant git past the leval with the worm:(

  11. omega says:

    sooo stupid!! it never saves! I hope they will fix this glitch!!!

  12. black shadow says:

    A good challenging game that’s very fun just hard with the speediest

  13. pizza ninja 549 says:


  14. treem8 says:

    I once beat level 8 using my favorite tower, the lightnig rod.

  15. awesomeness says:

    how do u get past lvl 3?

  16. daawsomeone says:

    final lvl one hit kill no cheats thats amazing (btw im saying i did that)

  17. MAL says:


  18. easy says:

    I beat the last level in like, 10 seconds with lightning rods with heartstopper.

  19. yoface says:

    best game ever. Period.

  20. tanz2mazter says:

    Another reason i love lighting rod is because they immediatly kill the healing aliens. makes it was easier.

  21. ah says:

    best game ever

  22. legoking says:

    Best Game On BL!!!

  23. eldorko says:

    so hard

  24. smartphone man says:

    FUN BUT HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. GenYus says:


  26. cole says:

    awesome! i completed all the levels relay fun!

  27. awsum says:

    cool game :)

  28. Manatee Lord says:

    Why does it take so long to load:p

  29. thegaminglemon says:

    AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!:)

  30. chewie says:

    Awsome tower defense game

  31. gamer says:

    great game!

  32. Dude says:


  33. hello says:

    i love it it rocks

  34. PolyFreak says:


  35. phenix 132 says:

    it is awsum

  36. blackwolf says:

    I love this game!
    Awesome fun.

  37. hi says:

    finished the game in 15 minutes…………. so in your face

  38. Yeah says:

    THIS GAME IS TOTALLY AWESOME!! I love TD games! I love this game!
    P.S. This is probably BL’s only good game =|

  39. Scubakid says:

    Lightning Rod with fully upgraded Heartstopper makes the final level infinitely easier.

  40. Bridge says:

    Its harder when you can’t hit the enemy or move in the level!

  41. hungry says:

    hey come back with my lunch meat!!!

  42. Piglover 901 lol says:

    never played before

  43. coolkid says:

    takes long to load

  44. Dale The Korean says:

    Kinda Hard

  45. Gogod says:

    None of these games work on the IPad :(

  46. Bam am says:

    I think this game is cool

  47. im a girl says:

    I can,t finish frosty forg!

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