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Scouts Vs. Aliens!

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Scouts Vs. Aliens was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Scouts Vs. Aliens!”

  1. Jedi Master says:

    Fun, but super hard.

  2. Ninjabomb12 says:

    i just put one castle next to the portal and the aliens …

  3. Jamwam says:

    best game on boys life

  4. ME says:

    squashed 3 at once!

  5. Fun E. Scout Boy says:

    I finished level 5, but it just stayed like it was, and no more aliens came!

  6. jackyo666 says:

    beat the game …twice :)

  7. bob says:


  8. Nic says:

    I’ve beaten the game! : )

  9. slow says:

    so cool!

  10. Capten rex says:

    I had 29 towers on level 3

  11. k says:

    I wish this game would let you get as many points as you want. I’ve cashed in 97, but I got two more and it won’t show them.

  12. coolman103 says:

    71 towers on level 8

  13. pokemon lover says:

    can you upgrade everything to max?

    • zoid33 says:

      you can only get 99 points and one of them is by default a rock tower so know you have to pick and choose

  14. guy just guy says:

    this is a tower defense game right?

  15. will says:

    this game is awsome best game ever

  16. poseidon says:

    I love this game!

  17. 410 says:

    it is so fun

  18. omegadude says:

    this is an awesome game, just always have spare money

  19. steelers101 says:

    how u save

  20. Lightcore says:

    This is so addicting! How long have I played? 6 HOURS

  21. rambo the cool says:

    I beat the entire thing 3 times totally fun.

  22. Lightning says:

    it takes 600 hits to kill beasty.

  23. hyf says:

    rotten to the core

  24. k says:

    Easy. If you can’t beat a level, just go and play lower levels to earn more points so that you can upgrade your weapons. I just finished off Hungry. Awesome game!

  25. Hermanator says:

    Does not work on the ipad :(

  26. stuperman says:

    how many srikes does it take to kill beasty

  27. Jay Z says:

    Sory about DJ but I had to get a new computer.

  28. rocker says:

    i love it

  29. asd says:

    i love this

  30. 10-mes says:

    Hard- but fun!!!!

  31. aquadragon says:

    cool music, beefys are actually easy to beat if you have a lot of rock towers.

  32. Webelo from pack295 says:

    You can not play on the ipad

  33. Pee Wee Harris says:

    help me on dark descent

  34. icedragon says:

    why not teach the aliens how to make their own food on farms? It would be a lot easier. although you would also have to teach them english too, which would be complicated:(

  35. tanker58 says:

    Just beat the cave enterance level:)

  36. air force says:

    I beat the game all ready and do it agian

  37. reece says:

    It’s awsom

  38. Nic says:

    It saves by its self

  39. REMEMBER REACH says:


  40. ron weasly says:

    its cool

  41. coo-coo says:

    How do you save?

  42. navy says:

    this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Merlin 03321 says:

    This game is challenging, but AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. cool says:

    hard but fun

  45. aman says:

    awsome cant wait

  46. mitts 1 says:

    This game is awsome!!!!!!

  47. Rosscuro 27 says:

    Please vote guys! Give this game lots of credit.

  48. FOX says:

    cool i love this game

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