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Scouts Vs. Aliens!

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Scouts Vs. Aliens was created by Hamumu Software for Boys’ Life magazine.
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Comments about “Scouts Vs. Aliens!”

  1. Person says:


  2. awesomeness says:

    the last level is SO EASY!!!!!

  3. clone unit cc148 says:

    great game!!!!

  4. i dont have a name says:

    cant beat level 4 dino guys are super tough and almost indesructible!!!

  5. chi says:

    how do you switch towers?

  6. monkey thief says:

    have you ever let all the aliens come at the same time. it’s kinda cool

  7. EAGLE4356 says:

    how do you get new towers!?!?!

  8. jawbreaker says:

    how do you keep your game saved

  9. thg says:


  10. ANOYING says:


  11. why? says:

    why does everybody like electric towers so much?

  12. hothead says:

    tip: use as many rock towers as possible

  13. Sienna Octane 13 says:

    A nice game, actually. The key to winning is to avoid upgrading worthless items. Despite other decent choices, fully upgraded lightning rods ARE the best way to go if you are looking for success at this game

  14. Anonymous says:

    Maxed out my cash limit at $9999 with lightning rods all over the level!

  15. Dr. Awesome Mr. Epic Mc Boss says:

    Good luck on level 11 he he

  16. the king of pie says:

    I love this game! but I think its dumb that everyone thinks lighting rods are the key to winning! because they aren’t!

  17. scuot says:

    The game is to big for the screen on every game. Its frustrating.

  18. nasa says:

    everything is great but wormys are sooooooo annoying

  19. BILLY THE MAN says:

    super hard!

  20. dood says:

    This is great

  21. casual gamer says:

    this game is addictive….

  22. Bender says:

    Challenge (think of it as an achievement)
    Power plant, Put 20 lightning tower things in the same level.

  23. Chuck Norris says:

    holy this is easy

  24. deco says:

    Best thing out of all of the games!

  25. deco says:

    so cool and epic!!!!!!!!:)

  26. electrozapper says:

    you know, the aliens call me electrozapper due to my placings of electrical attacks.

  27. sillz101 says:

    Why doesn’t it show the entire thing

  28. Archer says:

    How do you get past level 11!!!????

  29. bowser says:

    this is easy

  30. Anonymous says:

    just upgrade lightning rods to beat it

  31. hellopeople says:

    I am on the high peeks

  32. sup says:

    this is awesome

  33. Minecraft guy says:

    Ahhhhh!!!!!! Aliens are attacking

  34. Unknown says:

    How do I beat the first wormie level?

  35. Dr Jango says:

    it wont all.

  36. gumballfan2020(roblox account name) says:

    I LOVE IT 9999 STARS OUT OF 5!!!!!!!

  37. 8333 says:

    It was hard and fun.I beat it 2 times and I’m aming for 3

  38. ? says:

    best game last lvl = hard though

  39. says says:

    Can you tell me why Boyslife decides to pixelate most of their games?

  40. Old Scout says:

    Beat it. It’s a fun game.

  41. Anonymous says:

    You’ll beat level 15 when you quit throwing rocks.

  42. boyslife says:

    The best way to get past levels is useing lots of rock towers!

  43. BOOM says:

    Hard,but fun!

  44. oma-330 says:

    this isn’t what I expected.

  45. yoda says:

    tip: upgrade towers

  46. Eagle1911 says:

    How do you beat level 15?!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Really easy. I just finished level 10

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