Comments about “Polar Bears and Penguins”

  1. ttuutr6 says:


  2. Aztec says:

    I used “IMBOB’S” advice and it worked!

  3. Percy Jackson says:

    I won!

  4. ICEFAN says:

    Is anything supposed to happen when you win???

  5. dogs says:

    this is so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. delgado says:


  7. ToTo says:

    Om gosh! this is hard!

  8. Smitty333 says:

    when you figure it out its easy!!!

  9. Fluffy says:

    I won thanks to IMBOB :D

  10. rockpath says:

    I love this game

  11. Vin says:

    It’s oawsume but it won’t work on a touch apple

  12. bob says:

    this is the easiest thing ive ever done!!! how can anybody think its hard?!

  13. IMBOB says:

    Take two bears to the moving ice, drop 1 off and move to the right take the 3rd bear and drop one bear on left again.Send 2 penguins left, take one off put a bear on. Go right again take 3rd penguin to left and drop off both birds, taking the bear right pick up one bear and drop on left, go get last bear take to other side and let both off DONE!

  14. pizza face who beats you all says:

    so easy!!!!!!

  15. cool couchpotato says:

    THIS GAME IS SO ****** HARD!!!

  16. taco 1234567890 says:

    Confusing. If you can find a solution writ me back ASAP.

  17. dman says:

    lame game”(

  18. imagirl says:

    This wuz hard at first but then it wuz really ez.

  19. Super girl says:

    i won

  20. GLEE says:

    i did it

  21. Pedro says:


  22. lj says:

    dis boaring

  23. not a boy scout says:

    I thought it was hard and FUN!!!

  24. lightningman says:

    once you get it, it’s easy. I can’t tell you excactly what to do, but always keep it even.

  25. lightningman says:

    how do you get passed it?

  26. pedro2 says:

    this is hard

  27. boyo2 says:

    easy all right

  28. kingjedi says:


  29. Melvin8 says:

    This is to easy

  30. yoyo2000 says:

    easy now that i know….. THE SECRET!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. It is hard says:

    It is hard.

  32. crash says:

    its to hard

  33. knoty scouts says:

    first you get 1 poler and 1 Penguin on the ice berg then cross then you take the poler bear off then you go back take off the Penguin then put 2 poler bears on then cross then take 1 off go back and take off the bear and get 2 Penguins on then cross then take off 1 Penguin and put a poler bear on then go back and take of the bear and put on the Penguin then cross then take off the Penguins aand put the bear on and croos then put anther bear cross take off a bear and go back to get the last 1

  34. rebecca says:

    you are… it was so easy

  35. ihop says:

    so easy

  36. ryguy says:

    thanks soccer99!

  37. aa says:

    I need help!

  38. cool dude says:

    uhhh… how do I do this?

  39. To08m says:

    got it :)

  40. Jakie says:

    Uhh, I don’t get this game

  41. soccer99 says:

    It is so easy. You just need to put 2 polar bears on the ice and then you take one off. Then you go back to get the other polar bear and take both back and put them on the other ice. Any questions?

  42. joe simtg says:

    i WONNNNN :) :) :)

  43. joe simtg says:

    this is eays and fun.

  44. joe simtg says:

    hi. this game is funnn

  45. eathen says:

    it stinks

  46. wafel says:

    help me

  47. mb says:

    This is FUN!!!

  48. DJ 59 says:

    this game stinks

  49. toast says:

    it is easy when you get half way there

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