Comments about “Polar Bears and Penguins”

  1. person says:

    i did it

  2. doshner says:

    a hard game

  3. chikjtt says:

    my score was 100

  4. Zacky says:

    this is so easy not hard at all do you want to know the trick 2 polar bears on the ice 1 polar bear off 1 polar bear back over put the 1 polar bear that is on the right put that on the ice and send that over and take both off you win

  5. 12345 says:

    this is to hard its so hard that my dad cant do it.

  6. BS says:

    I am with all of you. I am realy confused. I don’t have a clue how to play

  7. ear says:

    how do u play this

  8. waffle45 says:

    how is it done

  9. yoda says:

    tried it once and did not get it

  10. gally launcher says:

    No, it was not easy!!

  11. pack43webelos10yrs. says:

    it was easy!

  12. mario says:

    I keep losing

  13. Zacky says:

    This is so hard I can’t even win.

  14. denny says:

    cant win

  15. DR MARCO says:


  16. Dodo says:


  17. Chris101 says:

    This game is too easy too master

  18. jackjack says:


  19. hgfgh says:

    what do you do on this game.i want to know

  20. Megalodon says:


  21. GEM2998 says:

    took a while, but i got it.

  22. ziggy says:

    i dont get!?

  23. slik says:

    Way to easy

  24. Ninja Scout says:

    Thanks BLgirl!

  25. hellomoto says:

    i dont get it

  26. CupcakeMan says:

    This is the easiest game in histoory.

  27. camoflauge guy says:


  28. tyty says:

    Thanks BLgirl I finally got it

  29. dd says:

    This is to hard

  30. Epc Nynja says:

    Fairly difficult, but I got it!

  31. T limit says:

    YAY I DID IT!!! :D

  32. tut says:

    thanks blgirl

  33. BLgirl says:

    here’s so ya don’t have to go and find knoty’s comment enjoy!first you get 1 poler and 1 Penguin on the ice berg then cross then you take the poler bear off then you go back take off the Penguin then put 2 poler bears on then cross then take 1 off go back and take off the bear and get 2 Penguins on then cross then take off 1 Penguin and put a poler bear on then go back and take of the bear and put on the Penguin then cross then take off the Penguins and put the bear on and cross then put anther bear cross take off a bear and go back to get the last 1

  34. yo yo98 says:

    thanks imbob

  35. scooterboy says:

    OOPS!!! I meant instance, not instanec.

  36. scooterboy says:

    Hey EVERYBODY! If you don’t know how to do the game, just follow IMBOB or knoty scout. They’ve helped a lot of people win this game, like me for instanec. Juts scrolol down on the comments and find IMBOB or knoty scout!!:) :) :) :) :) :)

  37. boots'nsaddles says:

    how do you play? I don’t get it.

  38. ME says:

    Thanks IMBOB, I won!

  39. ghost says:

    thanks to imbob beat it easliy

  40. IMBOB says:

    No worrys everyone i made it for u 2 use

  41. rich says:

    it’s hard!

  42. Aqua says:

    Thanks to IMBOB I could toatly plow right through it! Thanks IMBOB!

  43. Chris 101 says:

    This game is too easy!

  44. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    this is imposabel

  45. Happy scout says:

    I kept on winning! can you guys make more levels! thanks

  46. qwerty says:

    IMBOB, gimme Knight Switch solutions!

  47. nickname says:

    please make this game easy

  48. camping rocks says:

    I won thanks to IMBOB!

  49. dude8 says:

    does it know you won?!

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