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  1. randomgirl! says:

    I did it!!! Thanks to cool kid!!! thanks man! i’m trying again without reading the instructions.


  2. J.R. says:

    I figured it with help from cool kid Yeahyuh!!!!!!!!! thanks cool kid i ow you one BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. J.R. says:

    this does not make sence to me I tried it but nothing happened this is weird to me

  4. coolman360 says:

    No you have to get both polar bears and penguins on the other side

  5. DudeAwesome! says:

    What gives?! I had all polar bears on one side and the penguins on the other!No win?!

  6. yo mama!!! says:

    easy peesy lemon squeezy, thanks to cool kid

  7. pee wee says:

    hey cool kid, your instructions work! you are awesome!

  8. Baxter says:

    IMPOSSIBLE! At the closest points of their natural ranges, penguins and polar bears are separated by more than 5000 miles!

  9. mesa jarjar says:

    no, cool kid is right. u might hav missed a step

  10. rafi says:

    how your play?

  11. yo yo master says:

    eazy ;)

  12. pedroboy1 says:

    Yup, Random Kid, your written plan does not work. Would someone please write exactly how to do this?

    • cool kid says:

      First get all 3 polar bears on the left side then move 1 bear back to the right and take it off. Put 2 penguins on the slide and move them to the left side. Take 1 penguin off and then put 1 polar on the slide with the penguin. Move them to the right and take off the polar bear. Then put the penguin on the slide with the other penguin and move them to the left. Take off both penguins and put on the polar bear. Move it it to the right and put on another polar bear. Then move them to the left and take off 1 polar bear. Move the polar bear back to the right and add the other polar bear. Then move both polar bears to the left and take both of them off.

  13. wacky says:


  14. awsomeness says:

    it is hard

  15. jedi101 says:

    Only one thing to say E-Z

  16. Venom Boy says:

    Get all the polar bears across first, then the penguins. It’s EASY once you figure it out.

  17. Venom Kid says:

    Get all the polar bears across first, then all the penguins. It’s EASY once you figure it out.

  18. game guy says:

    it’s very easy the way to do it is move all the bears and penguens to the other side but watch out if you put more bears then penguens on one side it’s game over

  19. Animal spy says:

    i need answers!

  20. LEGO lover says:

    This reminds me of a puzzle, almost exactly like this one (except it used wolves, chicks, and a raft). Frankly, this lacks originality.

  21. gadsdenpurchase says:

    It’s a shame there is only one puzzle- this would be great with a second or third level.

  22. cool man says:

    it was hard.

  23. Buck says:

    I did it, but it didn’t say I won.

  24. Xion says:

    get penguins and 1 bear on the left then use da bear to get every one over.

  25. halo says:

    easy did it one my first try

  26. crashman says:

    beat it on my first try

  27. knot man says:


  28. soccerpro200 says:

    After a lot of tries I finally did it.

  29. john says:

    this is challenging

  30. Connor says:

    game is REALLY hard!

  31. bear lover says:

    this game is hard! random kid do you have more hints?

  32. Pizza man says:

    This game is fun.

  33. Mephiles says:


  34. Carbison says:

    BOOOOOOOOOORING! and hard! I give it a 3.5

  35. teeto301 says:


  36. happyperesono7 says:

    easy as pie

  37. BoyScout943 says:

    Yeah Random kid, it was hard. But after a few tries, I got it! It’s fun, but it starts to get boring. I’ll try a diffrent game.

  38. girl says:

    Random Kid,more adivice please?

  39. BL says:

    I dont like it!

  40. spl life scout says:

    first try beat it!!!

  41. person says:


  42. conman says:

    I finally beat this

  43. sharketeer5 says:


  44. mnouk says:

    how do you beat it i did it one and the other it did not say i won

  45. bobdog says:


  46. Ninja Kid says:

    Um, wat am i supposed to do?

  47. nate says:

    it doesnt say how to win

  48. RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:


  49. Random Kid says:

    This is EASY! Oh, and a hint for all, get a “pair” (one penguin and polar bear), on each side. Good Luck!

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