Comments about “Polar Bears and Penguins”

  1. awosme guy says:

    did it after 10000000 tries beat my dad beat 30 seconds

  2. blob says:

    impossible can’t do it

  3. ArtLover says:

    I followed the diections. It’s easy, but it been a while since I played.

  4. msgr19 says:

    Nailed it!

  5. nutterbutter says:

    its easy you just put 2 bears on the ice and they will go over then take the last bear and put him on the ice and it will get with the other beas and you win plus you don’t even have to touch the penguins.

  6. you got to do this says:

    get both kinds of animals to the left side and then you win.

  7. nmnb says:

    howdo you win

  8. Percy Jackson says:

    This is kinda hard on the first few tries but then you solve it and it gets boring.

  9. freddy5000 says:

    All you do is put 2 bears click on 1 get another click on both and you WIN!

  10. tranboy says:

    even my mom cant play this!!!!

  11. General Awesome says:

    I got the polar bears on the other side but it did nothing!

  12. I am a cow 9 says:

    how the heck do you get the ice burg back? I just can’t get it back.

  13. Anonymous says:

    How do you win?

  14. allen says:

    how do you do this?

  15. johhno says:

    poler bears can go alone

  16. fdfdaa says:

    i need help

  17. littlerock says:

    u cant du it guys . it s impossible

  18. golden panda 64 says:


  19. yulittle says:


  20. epic person says:

    this is impossible

  21. iodot says:


  22. blackraven says:


  23. Coolblue63 says:

    Answer cheat under line
    Send 2 bears across,then 2 penguins across,then put a penguin and a bear(left), and take off only the polar bear and put the last penguin(right) on the floe and send it across, last, send the two polar bears back.

  24. REX says:

    how do you get across

  25. hi says:

    this is easy

  26. fancy pants man says:

    kinda boring

  27. motercicle says:

    I aggree how do you get the iceberg back

  28. linkfan101 says:


  29. Frogface says:

    It’s Confusing!!!

  30. shadow99 says:

    get all the penguins over there first.

  31. Tearfulrocky says:

    How do you get the iceburg back?

  32. Qwerty says:

    Polar bears & penguins do not even live together in the same area. POLAR BEARS live UP NORTH; PENGUINS, on the other hand, live DOWN SOUTH.

  33. ? says:

    how do u do this

  34. cfdvsdvx says:

    how do you play this game

  35. Qwerty189 says:

    I won. Easy.

  36. fgb says:

    I do not like this game at all

  37. bob says:

    it is totally easy once I found out you have to get both penguins and polar bears to the other side I found it out easily

  38. BB shooter says:

    loved it… NOT!!!

  39. cool toes says:

    2 trys EPIC WIN

  40. who717 says:

    i dont like

  41. boom says:

    it is so easy take 2 bears to the other side take 1 off send the other bear to the back get the third bear to the other side and take them both off

  42. Tearfulrocky says:

    Or you can transfer one penguin and one bear

  43. nuke says:

    i did it in 4 tries

  44. Iamcheif says:

    WOOP!WOOP! did it first try by my self.

  45. SNODAFR says:

    listen to what that cool kid hes right because i followed the directions!!!!!!!!!

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