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Pee Wee and the Lost Scrolls

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Comments about “Pee Wee and the Lost Scrolls”

  1. no name says:

    any cheats

  2. KoalaMoustache13 says:


  3. Rock Star 627 says:

    Okay I know this may sound weird but whenever I’m hurt I go into “Supercharge” mode. It’s crazy and hard to control but fun!

  4. 1234matthew says:

    the level on this game are easy

  5. clone12321 says:

    how do u bete lvl 3

  6. eagle247 says:

    Wow, this game is amazing!

  7. monkey2041 says:

    It is harder then I thought. But who cares its for fun!

  8. tmonter says:

    i love it

  9. kaifly says:

    hey guys you should play minecraft and say i p m if you do play minecarft

  10. goblinslayer1234 says:

    How do you get through level 12

  11. redgyhgd57 says:


  12. i am a girl says:

    lol! This is a fun game!

  13. BIG B says:


  14. nanajj says:


  15. SpartnMonkee says:

    Cool. Make #2, only with upgrades to slingshot, tougher enemies and more health. Great Game!

  16. hamster says:


  17. AWSOME! says:

    have never played before but its kind of boring

  18. Mario man says:

    It is hard

  19. coolman623 says:

    bad bad bad!!!!!!

  20. DUDE says:

    AWESOME man.

  21. Anonymous says:

    best game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. bro band says:

    how do i play

  23. bro band says:

    sumbody call 911 pee wee haris bernin the dancefloor.

  24. BSB says:

    don’t get it

  25. sup says:

    How do I play?

  26. pee wee says:

    this one of the best games I have ever played! Can you make more games like this?

  27. wormling says:


  28. me says:


  29. jojo says:

    it is fun .I like it.

  30. pee wee says:

    f for fabtabulus

  31. me says:

    when I hit play it just takes me to controls

  32. Anonymous says:

    when i tap left it kills me! anyone else having that problem?

  33. lil' cane says:

    don’t like the cartoon graphics

  34. lets thik says:


  35. whatever says:

    never played before

  36. task says:

    best game ever

  37. cooldude says:

    This is an awesome game. Yaay!

  38. BL says:

    What do you think is better Hamumu or HardCircle? Thanks for your support!

  39. Herobrine says:

    It is nice.

  40. Bowser498 says:

    Anyone beat level 25? I did. A for awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. fuzzybunnyy67 says:


  42. bunners456 says:

    cool game dudes

  43. llllllllllllll says:

    B for boring

  44. wiieerdd says:

    a real brain twister

  45. HI HI says:

    kinda boring

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