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Pedro Kicks Back

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  1. Mr. Awsome says:

    This game is the best on the site!

  2. jj says:

    Can,t Get Last Fury Scroll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. alfafapedro says:

    hold c and tap down really fast.

  4. alfafapedro says:

    if a yak blows steam from their nose,get out of their way.the’re gonna charge

  5. enddj says:

    so cool i have won all level

  6. Anonymous says:

    On level 5, the first one with the ninja yaks. Do not use the furious blast before they finish talking. Or they will turn invisible.


    go to the last boss and dash and pick the boss up then walk to the edge of the map then jump off with the boss in your arms. It makes it so the boss wont bother you and you can kill all of the magical yaks and get xp.

  8. Thunderfire says:

    Awesome Game! I’ve won every level!

  9. top hat says:

    225 skill points to get all skills

  10. fakelake says:

    I found out that if a bull is charging and you do a dive kick on him while he is charging, you don’t get hurt!!!!

  11. Werewolf says:

    Pedro should have a crossbow.

  12. Epic says:

    Funniest glitch ever! On the last level, I tornado kicked right over the top barrier orb just as the captions started to play. I held x and Pedro slowly rose into the air and went OFF THE SCREEN. When I then skipped the words, he appeared thirty feet in the air over the pavilion.

  13. Epic says:

    They should make at least one sequel to this game.

  14. Epic says:

    They should make at least one sequel to this game. Up to level 100 on XP. Can’t get any more.

  15. YoYo says:

    I love Pedro Kicks Back!

  16. flying pig says:

    my favie game

  17. bob da bilder says:

    so easy beat the game at level 39

  18. bob says:

    love the game

  19. bob says:

    its a realy hard game

  20. says:

    you do know that there’s an invincibility glitch.
    just do the dodge thing, and press c wile you are still dodging. you cant be hurt until you press down again.

  21. Pookanator says:

    if you throw an enemy against a wall while you are next to the same wall they will do flips in midair

  22. hi says:


  23. how to you beat level 2 says:

    please reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. donutman10 says:

    what the heck is fury!!!!!

  25. treeem8 says:

    level 100! ka-boom!!

  26. K-man says:

    Level 66!!!!!!!!!!!! Boom!!

  27. Rock says:

    Actually, if you use invincibility, it won’t wear off. The only way it will is if you push down.

  28. jay says:

    Guys, has anyone used da third glitch? Use Deep Freeze when a yakolyte’s eyes are white and it’s raising it’s staff, and he STAYS FROZEN!!! Even after it wears off! Except when you hit him da first time… but still, ITS EPIC

  29. the kid says:

    i think they should make a pedro kicks back 2 tha would be so awesome!!!!

  30. Piksadft says:

    Elite Archers WON’T aim until those eyes get red! Hit them before those eyes become red!

  31. treem8 says:

    I love the humor when the master yak sticks a trash can on torgo’s head!!!!

  32. rexh17 says:

    how do you do furious blast

  33. treem8 says:

    I once beat round 2 of the first “gaunlet of death” with one furious blast. Boomsday! no joke!

  34. The Wurm says:

    So hard!

  35. DoomsDayGaming says:

    Its a decent game i played until the end

  36. tigertug8 says:

    what do the boxes with the faces do?

  37. grod says:

    if you use the Dodge move when a piece of fire is right next to you,you turn invisible but if you press down you turn normal again

  38. Herobrine says:

    I love this game! :)

  39. Dark King says:

    If you get the “Dodge” ability, and then press the jump and duck keys together, you turn invisible, and can’t take damage.

  40. DRAGONMASTER says:


  41. MusicHead says:

    “Limitless” by Tobu is also a great song for this game… as you can see, Tobu is one of my favorite artists!!!!

  42. MusicHead says:

    Actually, I was wrong about “Higher” by Tobu. What I meant to say was “Symmetry” by Tobu. It’s the perfect music for a karate-fighting game like this! Seriously, play it in the background while playing this game!!!

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