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Pedro Kicks Back

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  1. pee wee says:

    easy fun exelent everything like that

  2. zachthemack says:

    this game is epic

  3. bobby says:

    how do you beat ninja yak?

  4. tin tin says:


  5. cyborg2.0 says:

    nice game can be frustrating

  6. Bobby says:

    seems legit

  7. Kaleb says:

    If you have 1 or more in doge you can push up & down at the same time &you will become …INVINSABLE !!!!!!!!!

  8. karatekid says:

    How do you get past leve 6???

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do you save your progress?

  10. Jawson says:

    Pedro’s name is ancient?

    (Pedro Punch)

  11. gamer1 says:

    press esc to go back to menu during a battle

  12. pokedude says:

    the graphics are weird

  13. AWESOME says:


  14. 231213123123 says:


  15. PLEEZE TELL ME!!!!!!! says:

    how do you do THIS?!?!?!

  16. fjkfskjjf says:

    how do you get back to the menu in a fight?

  17. Charliefoxtrot4 says:

    I haven’t even played it yet! LOL

  18. the carpinder says:


  19. jay says:

    two words bo-ya

  20. cap cadet says:

    in the lower levels, trick yaks to fall off ledges by waiting until they’re about to charge, then jumping–they’ll fly right off and die (saves your lives)

  21. namkeoh says:

    kinda hard

  22. fb1998 says:

    use ko kick to beat the master yak without destroying the orbs

  23. Bigbag says:

    Lot of skills good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win but it is so skill full

  25. Bigbagg says:

    Fun and cool

  26. icefirelement says:

    it rocks

  27. ninja77 says:

    looks boring

  28. Darth ME, duh says:


  29. SNODAFR says:

    how do u get all the skills on five

  30. Coco2891 says:


  31. SNODAFR says:

    id beaten the yak king easyally my secret

  32. I lov U2 says:

    How do you beat the armored yack

  33. SNODAFR says:

    how do you get the last fury power up

  34. underdog is here! says:

    To defeat the yak master on the last level, the best things you can buy are crushing blow ( u can get it near the end of the game), dodge ( fully upgraded, of course!) and inner fury ( use it to fend off the yackolytes trying to burn you)

  35. pedro who is kicking back says:

    I love thos game! And the mighty robot, Torgo with a trashcan on his head!? Really Master Yak!

  36. yue says:


  37. Enduro says:

    Jump into the air, and when you are close to the ground, hold X. It will kick and punch your enemy very quickly.

  38. Percy Jackson says:

    I won!

  39. blockhead99 says:

    epic game

  40. skippy says:

    how doy you work the fury power ups??

    • he says:

      Hit C and then choose your power up.The top one you use w.The bottom one is s.The left one is a and the right one is d.

    • dasherator tips says:

      by going to the map and on the up right corner click “skills” and if u have any and some “skill” u can use them. to get skill you move up one rank “in game”.

  41. dasherator tips says:

    tip 1: torgo and torgo (the mighty robot) are difficult to defeat. so try using a series of attacks of your choosing (or get lots o’ skill ;) ) tip 2: SKILL!!! SKILL IS GOOD! GET SKILL LOTS! tip 3: fury is VERY important! try using a lot to help improve your battles. notes: master yak put a trash can on torgo… is he REALLY that smart?

  42. winner says:

    beat it

  43. pokedude55 says:

    his game is pretty fun

  44. creeperlover says:

    use kicks they best do alot and dont give enemy much time to react and by the time recover another kick is a inch away from their face(especially if you use drop kicks) p.s. love the game

  45. 4448jh says:

    real fun

  46. Ace says:

    how do you defeat torgo?

  47. Anonymous says:

    glitch, dive kick the master yack and his shield will disappear, he may fly up, so use burning fury

  48. bran says:

    the pic is bad

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