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Pedro Kicks Back

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  1. jokemaster says:


  2. mackie says:

    Tuff but awsome game

  3. David says:

    How do you get fury?!

    • butterman says:

      2 ways: 1. if you upgrade feet/fists of fury. 2. upgrade inner fury which you can get on the second level

  4. spiller says:

    how do you be the torgo on level 9

  5. Pro Fo says:

    beat da game

  6. Bobpopper says:

    How can you beat the Ninja Yaks on Level 5?

    • Benjovi says:

      First of all, you have to keep moving. If you take a second to pause, their throwing stars will hurt you. To defeat them, you have to, while avoiding their throwing stars, jump up and kick them off the walls. When they hit the ground, punch them as much as you can before they can move. With practice, it should become easy :)

  7. Rock Star 627 says:

    Someone tell me how to quit level. When I die, it restarts the level. Please help me!

  8. butterman says:

    what’s better? (assume both are fully upgraded) Dragon punch, or inner fury?(Please reply to tell me what you think.)

    • Benjovi says:

      It depends. Dragon kick is a fairly good technique and can be quite effective when it and other kick techniques are upgraded. If you like to use fury techniques (Furious Blast, Furious Fix, Furious Freeze, Furious Frenzy, and to a lesser extent Fists of Flame) and you find that you don’t have as much fury as you would like to have, Inner Fury will be your best option.

  9. BIG B says:

    wow i cant believe how hard level three is! i thought it was easy! (:

  10. Rossi says:

    How do you beat Torgo.any cheats.

  11. awesome man 11 says:

    i am level 100! Highest level ever! i have almost all the power ups! I am the MASTER AT THIS GAME

  12. best game ever says:

    its so awesome

  13. so awesome says:

    best game ever

  14. elias a s says:

    this game is amazing

  15. bobtheboss says:

    cool game

  16. uuuuuu says:

    Awesome glitch. First, beat game and unlock: Burro bash, lighting fist, dodge and pedro punch. Then on the last level jump and press down to become and stay invincible. If you are stuck on this other people have posted more thourough instructions. Once you are invisible, burro bash master yak and when you are holding him jump off the cliff. When you respawn you will be holding him and no matter what you can’t let him go. If you punch it will hit him and cause lightning to strike anything near you.

  17. rossi says:

    do the cheats work on a mac?

  18. epicguy says:

    its okay

  19. bbc says:

    oh you also have to have doge and then hold down then press C then let go and then you are invincible :(

  20. Weirdo101 says:

    How do you play the game

  21. bbc says:

    I know of one cheat hold down then press C then let go and then you are invincible

  22. bbc says:

    I know of one cheat hold down then press c then let go of both buttons and then you are invincible :)

  23. hskaratekid says:

    how do you kick

  24. Anonymous says:

    is there cheats for pedro kicks back?

  25. w3srs says:


  26. ShrewManChew says:

    on the boss level you go all the way to the left and fall off the edge then you will get a scroll

  27. Aaron C says:

    I won the Game!!!!!!!!!!!! Yak Master is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 9 says:


    • Uranium138 says:

      On level 2, get enough points and get inner fury & furious blast. Then, use Furious blast on the armored yak and then kill him.

  29. godlover11202 says:

    how do i say this? Oh yeah ( DUH!) AWESOME

  30. pedro the 2nd says:

    This game is so much fun I was playing it for an hour.

  31. Lordgauntlettron17 says:

    How do you beat level three, I can’t seem to get the darn YAN CLAN to charge into the wall so I can get the third fan letter and win.

    • ShrewManChew says:

      you don’t have to just go around killing all the yak clan and when you kill them all there should be a blue flash (very brief though) and the blocks should be gone.

    • beatallthelevels says:

      Just play it and upgrade your punches until you can beat it.

  32. boy5 says:

    I cant bet the arommed yahc

    • ShrewManChew says:

      he is a hard one the trick is to run up to him hit him once and run away and just keep repeating it until he dies.

  33. mccool says:

    im on level twelve

  34. william says:

    I love this game!!!

  35. Yolegoman says:

    I’m AWESOME at this! I’m almost done!

  36. Marco says:

    its so fun i just go crazy while playing.

  37. AWESOME says:

    I’m on Level 80!

  38. gamist says:

    I got pedro to level100

  39. agentblueX3 says:

    this is such a great game

  40. anonymous says:

    its the best game!

  41. fox says:

    i have not played it yet

  42. Anonymous says:

    stuck? A tip for defeating torgo is using the dragon kick upgrade!!!

  43. BObby Gster says:

    so radically fun

  44. Yolo says:

    The best game so far. . .

  45. supa gama says:

    it to hard

    • ShrewManChew says:

      I figured out a glitch to make you invincible. You need w,a,s,d, and the arrow keys. If you hit the right, left, and down arrow keys repeatedly and then hit “w” then you will ( if it works ) be invincible

      • ditto says:

        on the last level, when you are trying to destroy the barrier orbs, you can use KO kick to squish master yak.
        A simpler invinci-tecnique is that you press up and down at the same time to become invincible. pressing it again makes you vulnerable. furious blast undoes it.

      • xxxxxxxxxx says:

        I figured that out first

      • ShrewManChew says:

        Thanks ditto :-)

  46. i am so cool says:

    love it!

  47. Awesome saucse says:

    How do you play?

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