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Pedro Kicks Back

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  1. Rock Star 627 says:

    About my comment about the Skill Combos, don’t forget to add Pedroken!

  2. Rock Star 627 says:

    OK people. This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for (More or less). If you want a truly ultimate combo of ancient techniques, you should get Burro Bash, Mighty Grab, Piledriver and Pedro Punch. It makes you an (almost) unstoppable force! Of course, you can add your own skills too.

  3. gamer says:

    I already beat it then it got boring.

  4. slimshady says:

    beat it

  5. TusKiller75 says:

    Lvl 45 and counting!

  6. boogeyman162 says:

    Tap up and down at the same time to turn in-destructable!
    To get back to normal just tap down

  7. omega123 says:

    sorry i have not bin cominting lately. my computer used to be really busted

  8. flamethrower says:

    I love it.

  9. Zane says:

    the 8th level is so hard! But so…. fun >:D

  10. theedoo says:


  11. derpo says:

    thanks darko invisibly invincible

  12. Percy Jackson says:

    Howc com some of the ninjas fro level 13 are invisible?

  13. Godzilla says:

    Its easy to beat torgo!!!! If there are any towers nearby climb on and strike when hes getting ready again but better be quick!!!!!!!!

  14. HylianlyIllog1cl says:

    Hah. “Don’t lose it all in one place.”

    Nice Legend Of Zelda reference xD

  15. Shard says:

    Great game!!! This is my favorite of all the BL games! :D I beat the entire thing and maxed out my XP bar, and since skill point are based on XP, I maxed out those too! As I said before, great game.

  16. chik says:

    sooo hard! i cant get passed level 7! :(

  17. lukis7979 says:

    pedro is the best comic

  18. ututyutu says:


  19. Jupiter says:


  20. dude says:

    i just won i beet master yak first try

  21. dude says:

    i wish it would save other than that good game

  22. Burrall says:

    This game is hornbill

  23. Landin says:

    It is so cool and fun

  24. Darko says:

    My favorite Yak is the Elite Archer. After he shoots a few times, his eyes turn red for a moment and he shoots arrows like crazy!!!

  25. Darko says:

    I found a way to become invisible (actually thats in dodge mode) for as long as you want. To do it, you have to tap “Z (Up)” and “Down” at the same time. kinda hard to do, but you get used to it.

  26. minecraft says:

    how do you get past torgo?

  27. scout in training says:

    cant beat elite archer (4 of them ) need help

  28. Wokabooma says:

    Beat the game and level 100. Beat that.

  29. Anonymous says:

    how do you beat Torgo???

  30. snake says:

    how do you get past master yak

  31. rex says:

    get past the armored yak by using fury, or get life when your life is almost depleted

  32. JesusFreak11 says:


  33. jet says:

    how do you use fury?

  34. 1 says:

    cant beat the trash can yak

  35. spider7550 says:

    I can’t get past the armored yak!

  36. j man says:

    can’t use fury!

  37. Battlemaster39 says:

    Its an awesome game but it wont save :(

  38. Yakkiller2 says:

    Great game! I would like a sequel.

  39. dodo326 says:

    AWESOME!, somehow, I became invinsibly!

  40. Yakkiller2 says:

    How can I beat the gauntlet of death?

  41. Castiel says:

    AWESOME GAME. It took me two days to beat it and it’s awesome.

  42. SuperMerlinWhoLock says:


  43. OOPOO says:


  44. pedrojr. says:

    cool but cant get past the wave level

  45. ultimentblaze says:

    how do you get past the camp

  46. eletric ice phoenix hobbit pengiun says:

    sweet do speed bash thing while kicking throws them 100 feet backward

  47. haha says:

    in last level pick up yakolite then fall of cliff when you respawn the victim will move around on its back!

  48. GHOST says:

    I like it

  49. rocket says:

    hard and fun.I can’t get past the camp.

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