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Pedro Kicks Back

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  1. THOR THE MIGHTY says:

    I Finished The Whole game!!!

  2. MusicHead says:

    Playing this game with sound off and either “Levels” by Avicii or “Higher” by Tobu in the background is simply epic…. Fun game, by the way. Beat it multiple times.

  3. gwdgjwjgch says:

    I can’t use furious blast at ALL

  4. izzy says:

    Did you know that you can stop a yak from charging if you time a gale fist just right?

  5. bob says:

    how to break block? please reply.

  6. supreme says:

    just shatter armor with furious blast

  7. ninjacool0602 says:

    Been a long time since i played this

  8. PolyFreak says:

    How do you get past Level 8?Please respond!,':^)

  9. flamethrower says:

    can’t beat the armored yak

  10. gracie doodle says:

    I know i talk to much,but i LOVE this game.My brother knows how to make pedro pick a yak up and throw it.

  11. gracie doodle says:


  12. gracie doodle says:

    I know I am a girl, but this game is fun.

  13. MrMaster says:

    Whoever said you are at lvl 179 is totally lying, cuz right now I’m on lvl 100 and it’s pegged. For easy breezing through the lvls, upgrade all of your kicks, specifically Dragon Kick and Tornado Kick. Deals easy damage while evading pretty much all attacks.

  14. jjhawk says:

    how do you save

  15. legoking says:

    As soon as you have dodge, buy one with xp, then in game play, press up and down at the same time, and you will become invincible. :-)

  16. mr cool says:

    it wont let me get a upgrade but i have spent 4 points

  17. kicker says:

    i think they should make a pedro kicks back 2. that would be super awesome!

  18. kicker says:

    you know what i dont like about this game is that you can only get 99 skill points

  19. super ghost says:

    hey clone unit cc148. heres how to do it. whenever a ninja clings on a wall. jump up and kick it.

    from super ghost.

  20. clone unit cc148 says:

    how do u beat ninja yaks?!!? please respond!

  21. spider says:

    is the lego movie awesome

  22. worm says:


  23. Rallen says:


  24. rexh17 says:

    help, stuck on level six please help

  25. Mad Cow says:

    Here is a cool thing on the level with torgo [not robot] if you want to get on the highest tower pick up elite archer, throw it on top of tower and then you dragon kick to get up.

  26. punchman says:

    it doesnt let me go past level 100!

  27. 5th grade mongrole says:


  28. meeeeeeeee says:

    i hav found a glitch. if u keep stomping on the boss at the final level his shield will disable and he will take damge

    • Toahero says:

      Another one is this: when you throw an enemy and he hits another one, that one has a chance of spinning forever, making him unable to attack you

  29. pedro says:

    I am on level 179

  30. Dredd Speed says:

    My games are better. :)

  31. dragon999 says:


  32. 24 (my friends know this is me) says:

    I don’t know what the game is like because it won’t load any of these games!

  33. Awesome dude says:

    I beat the last level with only 1 upgrade. Real hard and took a long time but finally, BAM, he is down. Done without ANY glitches. I only found out how to program and delete the file that lets the people attack me. I’m learning how to program Minecraft Mods.

  34. jay says:

    Is it just me, or are regular yaks COMPLETELY vulnerable to regular kicks after hitting them with Burro Bash?

  35. Bender says:

    The invincibility glitch is fun and all, but I have an idea, Do the game as fast as you can, while invincible.
    (Time between choosing locations does not count.)

  36. jjjacktheboossssss says:

    i have found a glitch. if u hav dodge, you can be invincible. all you have to do is hit the up and down keys at the exact ssame time. eventually it will stop, but if you just do it again you are invincible again!!

  37. joejoe says:

    it’s so cool I can’t stop playing

  38. lolo says:

    this game is so much fun hoho!!!!!!!!!

  39. xscissor says:

    there is a glitch were if you grab the final boss then piledrive him off the side he connects to you this only works if the boss has his shield

  40. vesper says:

    to get the final fury tecnique jump off the left edge of the final level

  41. Anonymous says:

    to get the final fury tecnique jump off the left side of the final level.

  42. Mechavore says:

    The best join powerups are invulnerability, throw, flying kick and my personal favorite the atomic piledriver.
    P.S. If you see someone named Moby calrissian von robot the 3rd, let me know, he is my enemy.

  43. Bolt says:

    I really love this game, and I’m playing it for the second time, but I can’t beat the last level. I beat the master yak, but can’t get rid of all the yakolytes. Also, I have a sort of cheat. At first I thought it was a coincidence when I went invincible, but if you press the
    up and down arrows at the same time, you’ll go invincible.

    • jay says:

      Here is a tip on how to get rid of yakolytes. Use the 3rd Glitch ( When the Yakolytes raise their staffs, use Deep Freeze. They stay that way even after the Deep Freeze, unless you hit them. Use a powerful hit for this ). I don’t know why no one discovered the 3rd Glitch, but no one bothered to use Deep Freeze on yakolytes when they raise their staffs. Also, can you reply to this: How many levels are there? Thank you, Bolt!

    • spiffy25 says:

      I found out about the invincibility on the first time I played the game! It may not be like this for you, but it kind of makes me want to see myself. So,I sometimes stop invincibility by ducking. And even though my next sentence won’t go with the subject, I’ll say it anyway. The commas on the game look like periods. But one thing is for sure. THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!

  44. bowser says:


  45. MagmaBlizzard5 says:

    So much fun

  46. a person says:

    this game is awsome

  47. Epicer says:


  48. Backfire boy says:

    This game is freak’n awsome!

  49. random awesomeness says:

    theres a 2nd glitch, grab yak,throw it, kick it in midair(somewhat hard), and when it lands it just starts spinning

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