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  1. J Dabe Gabe. says:

    to Brian the BL fan,

    When the meteor shower comes,shoot at the meteors,usually the big meteors have the gems, but little ones sometimes have them.

  2. pod97 says:


  3. wassup101 says:

    Score :3549000 I beat it !! finally! to kill the lion fight your way to a rapid laser upgrade and shoot him constantly. when the lion starts to wince and shake its head you’ve got him.

  4. Bryan the BL fan says:

    Kinda hard. One thing I’d like to know: HOW DO YOU FIND THE GEMS?!?

  5. kyle7555 says:

    This takes a long time to load,right?

  6. shlime says:

    this took forever… and i lost pedro and ordep was down to his spacesuit with low life… but i got all 10000 letters and all 5000 packages! if u dont believe me, fine. but i did do that, no lie.

  7. alexred3 says:

    i love this,my score is 48300 and i kill 207 aliens and i read 30 mail

  8. J Dabe Gabe. says:

    to ananymous =SWEET!!!

  9. J Dabe Gabe. says:


  10. moooooooo says:

    wow…….. 456 not bad i give ……. 4/5

  11. lego says:

    i love it!!

  12. Buzz Lightyear (don't ask) says:

    At one time I had 1,244 letters. No joke! It’s AWESOME!

  13. rock says:

    i killed 4325 aliens man

  14. thePandSbros says:

    this game is the best in pedro and ordeps intire galexie! i love it!!!!!!!

  15. Mad Max says:

    I agree with Zog.

  16. MR.GAMEGURU THE 2ND says:

    to go to level 3 go to options menu then click passwords and type GOLVL3.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Nice game. It’s kind of like the arcade game Galaga.

  18. Dr. Inferno says:

    This game is awesome!

  19. gammafreak says:

    this game is totally awsome. i got to the part were these little black balls attack you.

  20. LiquidNitrogen says:

    I like the concept of the final boss disabling all your weaponry upgrades. But the lion was a bit easy.

    Score: 3207700

  21. Cameldude says:

    To skip levels, on menu, choose password and type either GOLVL2 or GOLVL3

  22. Lionkiller says:

    I DESTROYED the lion head!!

  23. peace says:

    479000! that is my naew high score! beat that!

  24. Samonerd says:

    Its okay… I’ve played better

  25. Samonerd says:

    it ok

  26. Zog says:

    Got to the spaceman part, lost though. Sweetest game ever!!!!!

  27. Zumaboy says:

    197,450 Thats my score!

  28. blackberry man says:

    those small things take your mail

  29. blackberry man says:

    this is just like gamma bros

  30. Destroyed lion says:

    I got to the LION!!!!!

  31. zoomer says:

    How do you win? It’s hard when you get to the heads and if you make it through those, you have to face the ships that shoot lightsaber like things.

  32. destroyer says:

    this game is relly,relly easy.

  33. joey says:

    vaporizashen :}

  34. link says:

    I was on a boss I died

  35. scoreguytalks& says:

    98100 for the first time

  36. Huy Guy says The Game says:

    3426700 Was my score! I got every weapon, every power-up, all three spaceships! the ending story is soooo funny!HAHA

  37. Huy Guy says:

    This game is awesome! The lvl 1 boss(es) is(are) way harder than the lvl 2 boss.

  38. chucky the chipmunk says:

    this game is really cool!

  39. yoyo says:


  40. best boyscout says:

    How many of u guys are cubscouts

  41. t-man says:

    It made me LOL

  42. yoyoyoyo says:


  43. moover says:

    i got 504 kills a lot dont you think yea you do

  44. dober says:


  45. J Dabe Gabe. says:

    easy is so…well,easy!ha ha, I Iike jokes!

  46. J Dabe Gabe. says:

    so have I!!

  47. pedro67 says:

    i got 5800

  48. jdog says:

    grafics r old school i like that

  49. RAM980 says:


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