Comments about “Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure”

  1. Alien8td says:

    This is like gamma bros.

  2. bb says:

    I got to the head stage

  3. hawkeye says:

    I got 135250

  4. Aj says:

    99999999 BEAT THAT

  5. Superscorer says:

    my score was 213550! I lost at the super lazer part.

  6. Anonymous says:

    good game

  7. cheeseman says:

    beat the level three boss easy gems:324 mail:2854 score 548970

  8. cheeseman says:

    level2 password is golvl2 level three is golvl3

  9. slick says:

    228300 beat that

  10. slick says:

    214500 beat that

  11. slick says:

    198200 beat that

  12. read652 says:

    i love it!

  13. slick says:

    179350 beat that

  14. Potato says:

    what does super lazer look like? I’ve never got that far.

  15. Potato says:

    did any of you all beat the lion boss and if so how?

  16. Potato says:

    3728100 in 798 sec.

  17. N-Man09 says:

    740850 in 1086 seconds!

  18. CLONE says:

    i got 20100 in210seconds

  19. CLONE says:

    i got 24700 in 290 seconds!\

  20. CLONE says:

    i got 14800 218 seconds!

  21. jedi master says:

    i got 84700 in 416 seconds!

  22. jedi master says:

    I got 62000 in 375 seconds

  23. Potato says:

    Hey “Tide” put in your password and then hit return if it doesn’t go EH EH! then you click play and should start you at the beginning of that level B~)

  24. Potato says:

    I got 1624600 I’ve gotta beat my score!

  25. Tide says:

    HOw can you put in a password because mine won’t enter

  26. Tide says:

    419300 in 1015 seconds!

  27. DUDE100 says:

    fun game dude

  28. Tide says:

    the first boss is almost impossible! How can you guys beat it?

    P.S What does the super lazer look like?

  29. pokemondude493 says:


  30. figit says:

    i got 5876900

  31. legoman2000 says:

    I got 66450

  32. gameboy77 says:


  33. macdaddy says:


  34. Somebody says:


  35. dude says:

    i really don’t get it

  36. marshmelowcannon1 says:

    how doo u get past level3 firelion boss?!?!?!?!?!!?

  37. jp27 says:

    it has no point but its fun

  38. coopster says:

    I’m just starting out but I already think its awesome! :)

  39. bobo says:

    this game rules

  40. bobo says:

    i love it

  41. viper says:

    I don’t get this game

  42. werdna says:

    I got 272450!

  43. peetwee says:

    77300 in 41i sec

  44. blackfox says:

    i love shooting,space games especially this one.

  45. droid says:

    just like pixeljams gamma bros,but its way better.

  46. gustin says:

    it is fun.

  47. sniper says:

    1932250 is the score ………….. it rocks

  48. supera;kdjajkwjeij says:

    awesome thanks for making and developing the game!

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