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Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure

Want more fun? Try Pedro’s Space Adventure 2.


25 Comments on Pedro and Ordep’s Space Adventure

  1. 3677542 == beat that!!!!!

  2. Score:5967750
    Mail: 2491
    Gems: 32
    Kills: 1861/2239
    1936 seconds
    beat that

  3. i got 90900&65mail!

  4. This is, like, the next generation of Galaga

  5. I love this game & give it a ***** rating!

  6. i hate this game // January 27, 2009 at 7:01 pm // Reply

    i hate this game.

  7. dude play this game.I am playing again.

  8. this game is cool

  9. its cool it gets kinda crazy

  10. DUDE! One of Pedro’s hottest picks!

  11. this game is awsome ill play again.

  12. score: 5929850
    total mail: 2796.
    total Gems: 16
    accuracy: 28%
    Kills(that’s funny, I thought boyscout didn’t like using the word kill) 1773/2145

  13. 130400 yahoo!

  14. score:1741650

  15. this game rocks. p.s. the bats are evil. i love the guns.

  16. Score 5818600
    mail 2458
    gems 9
    accuracy 37%
    enemy kills 1693 / 2191 that means there were 498 enemies I didn’t kill.]
    2163 seconds
    I beat this game 3 times.

  17. once i did not have a ship or sheild and i just abuot beat the levil two boss. score1310600 accuracy34% enemy kills958total mail579 total gems16 i beat the game five times!!!!!!

  18. star wars guy // January 16, 2009 at 6:19 pm // Reply

    this game is difficult but fun!

  19. my scores 7891125 beat that

  20. My computer is so darn slow! I waited 20 min for it to load! But The game is awesome! GO PEDRO! Your games are all totally FIVE STAR WOOOHOO

  21. I won with a score of 3741950

  22. I can’t find an interesting game anywhere.

  23. to pokemon
    from lolz

    they are tricky unless you got the 3 way laser or invincibilty powerup your in trouble
    P.S. it wouldnt hurt to have force fiel either

  24. this game rocks! rate the game 5 stars.

  25. my scor is 599 600 beat that!!!!

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